Zremax as WoW Server Owner

  • 10 months ago

Zremax has a lot to offer Server-Owners. The most important feature is that you can list your WoW Server (for free) on Zremax, and get interested players/visitors on Zremax, to start joining your server.

Zremax is a platform for WoW Players. The majority are looking for World of Warcraft Fan-servers, also known as private servers. At Zremax we provide the players with a relevant list of servers to choose between. If you own a WoW Server yourself, we recommend taking the time and adding your server on our list. It’s free, it takes less than 5 minutes.

Tips when you add your server
Keep in mind that it’s real-players. Meaning, the better your server-post is, the more likely it is to gain attention. The players want to see an appealing server-text, some screenshots, a list of your features, and a welcoming text. After submitting your server, we also recommend linking the listing at Zremax, on your Website. This way, your players can make a comment and rate the server on our list. This will make server stand-out, and really does a difference.
It’s very simple to link your server-post from Zremax at your website. It can get done by posting a link on your website, and simply posting the link, such as:
Note: Make sure to change the last-part (Server-Name) to the actual URL, such as Turtle-WoW, as example.

HTML version:
Again, make sure to change to the actual URL of your server-post at Zremax.

Other features
Zremax has a lot more to offer! Keep on reading for rest of the tips.
– We have a Control Panel, after you have listed your server. Here, you can find relevant information such as editing your server here, as well as finding an analytics page, containing a lot of interesting statistics, such as visits and views.

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