Zremax as WoW Player

  • 10 months ago

As a WoW Player, there are a lot of benefits to find on Zremax! The main goal on Zremax is to provide you with a ton of updated and good World of Warcraft Fan-servers that you can play on.
We do realize that it can be hard to filter between servers. You may ask yourself; “which server should I pick?”. Due to that, we have designed our system at Zremax to be very flexible. With us, you can filter servers based on Expansion, Server-type, Population, Status (released/beta). On top of that, you can also filter on features, eg. “Blizzlike”, “Increased Rates”, “Custom Content”. At the search bar, you can also search for specific content, eg. “solo player”, then all WoW Private Servers that have a solo player concept, will appear.

We really want to make sure you only view servers that are relevant to you and your favorite server-type.

We have also written detailed and long articles such as “Best Wotlk Private Server” with the most popular servers, that may benefit you as well. It’s an in-depth article, to make sure we cover everything from A-to-Z.

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