What makes Zremax stand out? Learn about our Unique Concept!

  • 10 months ago

At Zremax, we are tired of outdated websites listing World of Warcraft Private Servers. Therefore, we provide a unique and updated concept. At Zremax you will find a list of WoW PServers, and you will also be able to filter it. Specify your requirements, your preferences, and we serve you with the best results.

Zremax is not just another website-list/topsite. Unlike the known “topsites”, we aren’t affected by vote manipulation. Claimer: If you didn’t know, most of the topsites, like Xtremetop100.com are affected by vote manipulation. The server-owners get in top by using vote bots. This means that the top servers aren’t necessarily the right choice for you. We are also tired of the fact that it’s hard to filter the servers on these sites. That’s all changed at Zremax; it’s fast, honest, modern and easy with us. We are honest, and we have a designed rating and review system, to help you get a proper view of the servers.

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