What is FEATURED? – Gold Membership System + Benefits

  • 10 months ago

FEATURED is a paid membership, where you are paying for 30 days (or more), of membership. The featured membership is beneficial for server-owners, who has a server listed at Zremax.

Being featured gives the following benefits:

  1. Sticky – Your server will be listed in the top. This means that your listing will be ahead of all the other servers.
  2. Glowing effects – Your server will have glowing effects around it, so that it grants more attention.
  3. Filters – Your server will also appear in the top on the filters, as long as it fits it.

The price of FEATURED is 10$ / month. Discounts can be given upon purchases of several months.

You can purchase the FEATURED by heading to the server-panel, and then pressing on “Actions” on the right side, and then pressing “Upgrade to FEATURED”.
The server panel can get found here: https://zremax.com/my-servers/

After getting to the server-panel, you will find the “Actions” button in the right side, as on the screenshot below:

Example between a featured (first), and non-featured server (second).

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