What games are Zremax supporting?

  • 10 months ago

Zremax has decided to only support World of Warcraft. As a result, you will only find World of Warcraft related content on our website.
More specific, it’s related WoW Private Server related-content, also known as fan-servers.

The primary focus will be listing WoW Private Servers, where the players can find their next server, and server-owners can get more traffic/players. As a side focus, we have a blog page, where we attempt to create useful content. Not just another article, but a well-documented and researched one. As example, we provide download-links to each game expansion. While we do this, we research everything about it, and make sure to gather the best ones, and write about it. We will also have blog-posts about exciting features on the existing WoW Private Servers, blog-posts about your best options on specific expansions, and much more!

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