Learn how your WoW Server can get found with us

  • 10 months ago

As a server owner, listing your WoW Private Server at Zremax is useful in several ways. Let’s go through the benefits of how your WoW Server can get found!

  1. It gives you more players for your server. We have many players visiting our website. There’s a good amount of chance that your server might be attractive to some of the players!
  2. People find your listed server through our search-system. Explaination: We can see that quite a lot of our visitors, who are looking for a server, are using our search-system. They search on concepts like “blizzlike” and other things. Your server will be listed as a result, in case it fits.
  3. It benefits your Google ranking. By listing your server at Zremax, you get a backlink to your website. Our website is highly ranked, and will therefore give your website more trust! This means that people can find your server in the Google ranking as well.
  4. You have a statistics-page. That’s right. We give you the full control to manage your listing, to see how it performs. You can always check how many views and website-clicks that your server has. That way, you can also change and improve your styling and post-text.
  5. It’s free. It costs nothing, and your server can get submitted within 5 minutes. It’s all under your control!
  6. Featured option. In case that you would like to take the extra step, you can use the paid option. Being a featured server gives you some benefits. The main difference is that your server will be at the very top. It will last as long as you have paid for, and this goes for the relevant results. On top of that, it will highlight your server with special color-effect, to stand out and give additional attention.

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