How do I get my WoW-Server at the top?

  • 10 months ago

There are two ways to get your servers at the top of the listing at Zremax.


  1. To get your server at the very top (above any other server), it’s necessary to be FEATURED. You can learn how to get FEATURED by clicking – Zremax FEATURED
  2. In order to bump your server to the top (below the featured servers though), you can use the free “Bump” feature. As example, if you are at the bottom of page 1, or even page 2, the Bump feature will bring you up again. As a result, more visitors will see your server listing before other listed servers. The bump feature is available to use for free at any time. It’s possible to use once every 24-hour.
    You will see a green “Bump” button in your Controlpanel, at your listed server, or at the frontpage, on your server-listing.

Zremax is all-in for a fair concept, hence we introduced and implemented the bump feature, which makes it possible.

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