• Online Since 2021
  • Realm Type PvE
  • Population 100-500
  • Realm Rates 2-5X
  • Language English

Server Description



We would like to extend our invitations to players out there looking to start their journey on a Custom PVE Server where you will experience World of Warcraft from another angle and have a completely different experience.


WoWPortal Custom PVE Server was originally opened 3 years ago, online since 2018 and since then providing a one of kind experience to players around the world that are interested in playing on a server with just the right amount of custom features and yet staying true to original PVE Concept of Wrath of the Lich King.


WoWPortal Custom PVE Server uses WPB System which is a balancing, scaling system that allows smaller groups to progress through content without the need for full groups. That being said, it’s still challenging, still have to follow boss mechanics but with a smaller group setting and without the need to always have a perfect raid setup.


You can conquer Dungeons & Raids in a scaled group setting, you can venture in to 10 Man Raids with 2-3 People and 25 Man Raids with 3-5 people , our unique WPB System will allow you to do so, all of the raids mechanics where also adjusted so you can do just that with a smaller group.


We also offer players with Custom Quest Lines and Custom Quests that acquire Legendary weapons for all classes and specs and an option to eventually switch your Tier 10.5 Heroic to Customer Tier 11. You will not see overpowered stats or effects, all custom items been balanced to make sure the upgrade is no more than 15%. You will absolutely love our Legendary Weapon system!


PS: You cannot buy Legendary Weapons or Custom Tier 11 with real money! You can only acquire these items by playing the game and completing the required quests.


Server rates are very simple, x3 all around and x5 for professions so you can skip that tedious leveling and profession grind that all of us did at least a hundred times on other servers.


Custom Features examples:


🔸Transmog from all expansions up until Season 20!

🔸Reforge System

🔸 Weapon Enchant Visusal Swap System

🔸 MOP Wings, Diablo Wings, Custom Wings

🔸 Custom Mounts from all expansions

🔸Token / Emblem Exchange System!

🔸When you create your character you have access to 1 60% mount

🔸At level 10 you have access to a personal teleport pet

🔸As you level, every 10th level you reach you will be rewarded with some gold

🔸Multitrainer System so you only have to visit one trainer for everything.

🔸Weapon Skills are automatically increased as you level

🔸Arena 1v1 Solo Queue and 3v3 Solo Queue

🔸Dungeon Finder / Flex Raiding Solo Queue

🔸Crossfaction Battlegrounds, Crossfaction everything

🔸Dynamic XP / Loot Rates System


All of our Raids / Dungeons are scripted with over 1000+ commits to make sure everything on our server functions correctly, without any bugs or glitches and will allow you to experience the game as it should be. For example: Our Ulduar works 100% with all Vehicle Mechanics and Hard Mode & our ICC Raid is polished so you and your friends can raid without any fear of bugs, all encounters function correctly, all ICC Quests including Blood Infusion works 100% Blizzlike.


If you are interested in joining WoWPortal Community and embark on a journey like never before, bring your friends over and have absolute blast doing raids and dungeons, I invite you to visit WoWPortal Website: https://wowportal.net


🔸Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/vBXZcHW


🔸To learn more about the server: https://wowportal.net/page/about


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