Greetings Heroes!

We would like extend our invitations to players out there looking to start their journey on a 🔸 Custom PVE SERVER where you will experience World of Warcraft from another angle and have a completely different experience.


WoWPortal is online already for 4 years!! Developing our Server Core since 2016 and opened our server in 2018 and since then providing one of kind experience to players around the world that are interested in playing on a server with many custom features and yet staying true to original PVE Concept of Wrath of the Lich King. We have applied thousands of commits to our Server Core.

On WoWPortal player satisfaction is everything! Players suggestions, opinions and criticism is met with open arms, nobody is perfect and we will do everything in our power to satisfy our players, listen and act on players suggestions. We have created a custom Discord Bot that is dedicated to suggestions, all suggestions are voted upon by our community and then realized by our Staff and Development Team.

WoWPortal Custom PVE Server uses WPB System which is a balancing, scaling system that allows smaller groups to progress through content without the need for full groups. On top of our Scaling System, we tailored every single raid to act differently based on your group players count, all raid phases and events will act differently based on your group size.

For Example: During Lich King Encounter, Phase 2, Val’kyr Shadowguard. Attempts to pick up a player and drop them off the edge of Icecrown Citadel. However if your group has less than 3 players, Phase 2 will be completely different which does not involve Val’kyr Shadowguard. Our scaling system been in development for 4 years that is constantly improved to make sure every single aspect of our scaling system works as intended.

WEEKEND EVENTS: Every Weekend, we host Server Wide Events. 50 Players groups against our custom coded Bosses, that drop Custom Mounts, Custom Tabards, Wings, Premium Tokens, Emblem of Frost, Heroic Gear. Weekend Events are scheduled on Discord using “Events System” every single weekend without exceptions.

Acquire “Salvation Talents” from our World Trainer which gives your class custom spells/talents that can be used in PVE Environment to make your game play so much more interesting and fun and most importantly very balanced, it will allow all classes to experience Solo and Scaled Gameplay from a completely different angle. Custom Salvation Talents are released gradually and tested by our community. All new talents are available for different classes. Upon learning your talents they appear in your spell book under “Salvation”.

When you create your character you will instantly have access to a 60% Ground Mount! At level 10 you will have access to a Personal AI Pet that will allow you to Teleport to cities and instances and has a large amount of different features and Quality of Life systems! Unlike other servers we provide such feature to all players for free!
Server rates are very simple, x3 all around and x5 for professions!

💠PVE Features and Quality of life Changes:
– Dynamic XP/Loot Rates Syst | Hero Mode x1 System (with rewards)
– Solo Queue | Solo LFG System
– Boss Announcer & Rewards System
– Custom Legendary System (Where all classes/races can get legendary PVE weapons) .
– Custom PVE Tier Upgrade System! Exchange your Tier 10.5 to Tier 11.
– Custom PVE Quests
– Shadowfrost Shards is group loot
– Leveling Rewards System.
– Multitrainer System.
– Weapon Skills are automatically increased as you level.
– 3 Professions Limit and Mats Exchange System.
– Dungeon Finder/Flex Raiding Solo Queue.

💠 Custom PVP Features:
– Battleground Joust System (rewards for activity such as capturing flags, assaulting/defending bases and winning battlegrounds)
– Custom PVP Daily Quests
– PVP Streak System with rewards
– PVP Titles System
– PVP Stats Scripts in game
– Arena 1v1 Solo Queue
– Arena 3v3 Solo Queue
– Bounty System | Gold Rewards.
– Crossfaction Battlegrounds | Mercenary Mode

💠Custom Scripts/Systems:
– Custom “Salvation” Talents/Spell System – newest feature! You will love it!
– Custom Items Reforge System.
– Transmog from all expansions up until Season 20 and Shadowlands.
– Checkout examples of our transmog collection:
– WINGS Trial Mode – try all of our WINGS/Cloak Visuals before buying.
– Most Sophisticated Custom Mount System, you will never see anything like it on WOTLK!
– Mounts Trial Mode – try all of our mounts before buying!
– Weapons Visuals System
– Custom Druid Forms – LEGION ARTIFACTS!

💠Personal AI Pet:
– Teleport Locations (Dungeons, Raids, Main Cities)
– Vendor Option to buy supplies and sell junk
– Instance Reset with Gold
– Activate Hero Mode (play at x1 and get “Hero Title”)
– Premium Features (summon world trainer, transmog, reforge, trade goods)

If you are interested in joining WoWPortal Community and embark on a journey like never before, bring your friends over and have absolute blast playing with us, we invite you to visit:

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