• Online Since 2021
  • Realm Type PvE
  • Population 100-500
  • Realm Rates 2-5X
  • Language English

Server Description


Greetings everyone!

WoWPortal is a state of the art Scaling Server with Flex Raiding Environment, Progressive Timeline and x3 Server Rates. Introducing one of a kind Activity Rewards System, Transmogrification and 100% Crossfaction System.

If you are looking for a FRESH Server and a new Server to call home, it’s still not too late to start playing and begin progressing along side our amazing community!

Soulforge PVE Realm was opened on May 1st and had an amazing launch. We prepared for this day for 2 years to make sure the launch is stable and ready for our community to begin enjoying the realm without having to worry about crashes, bugged quests and scripts.

We dedicated all of our free time to make sure we fix and correct every single part of the game, we are so dedicated to our player reports that we reward our players with Activity Tokens for each confirmed report, which has been an incredible success:

We opened our 1st PVE Realm 2 years ago and since then we applied over 1400 commits to our database/core and all these fixes where applied to our Fresh PVE Server that was opened few weeks ago.

We guarantee your satisfaction! We are here to provide a home for players that prefer to play on a smaller server but with a strong community of players that plays together for 2 years now. We have a great community of players and house the biggest NA population!

🔸So what are we about? What separates us from other private servers?


We present to you a Scaling System and Flex Raiding environment!! That is right! On our server you can experience a very sophisticated scaling system that allows you to experience all the raids and dungeons in a scaled group setting or solo!

Our system that is coded from scratch by our developers allows you to progress through all the content by yourself or with a group of few friends without the need to have 25 players in your group.

On our server you do not have to commit countless of hours to guild schedules and stressful environment and having to play every single day to satisfy a guild schedule and rules. Here on our Soulforge PVE Server we have the most sophisticated Scaling System and Flex Raiding Design which allows you to be in full control!


There are thousands of players out there that do not have unlimited amount of time to invest into World of Warcraft, players that work in real life or go to school or both! and on a normal server these players will simply never get anywhere because of their limited time and with that thought in mind WoWPortal created a safe haven for such players.


We are not PAY2WIN, we only allow our players to donate for XP boost and have access to limited mounts, tabards and toys. You cannot buy any gear, weapons or gold on our server, we believe in fair game play and we will never sell anything game/economy breaking in our shop. However as any server we must pay our dedicated server fees thus allowing players to donate for XP Boost.

We are the server for players that work full time or go to school, players with limited time to play but those who want to achieve just as much as any player that plays 8-10+ hours a day. Here, we provide you with the tools and systems for you to achieve just that!

Experience and Progress through WOTLK Expansion and then begin your Progression to Cataclysm and all this can be done thanks to our Scaling System and Flex Raiding Environments.

Come join this amazing community and embark on a great journey and experience this amazing game from a completely different angle!

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