• Online Since 2021
  • Realm Type PvE
  • Population 1000-2000
  • Realm Rates 5-10X
  • Language English

Server Description

WoWFreakz is a BFA Private Server, offering their BFA realm called Felsong. WoW Freakz is one of the most popular BFA Private Servers as of today and has an international community as well as a Russian community.
Felsong (WoWFreakz) has flexible XP rates, meaning they offer X10 rates on level 1-90, and X7 rates on 900-100 and X3 on 100-100.

WoW Freakz is a popular choice when selecting a BFA Private Server. It has a large amount of players online, is an active server, and has affordable scripting. In general, there aren’t too many decent BFA Private Servers out there, and people tend to claim that currently WoW Freakz is the best one, although it has gotten complains for its scripting too.

If you like BFA and want to experience the content, as well as playing on a highrated server, and you care about a high amount of players online, WoWFreakz might be a great fit for you.

Regarding their amount of BFA Content, WoW-Freakz claims the following:

Most mechanics working:
– World / Emissary Quests, Mythic+ dungeons, Artifacts (with Knowledge and quest chains), World Legendaries drop, Class Order Halls, Bonus objectives, World scaling, PvP Scaling,  Garrisons, Premade group finder, Honor system, Vignette on map, Quest chains, Pet battles, Anti-hack


Pet Battles, Fully achievable Loremaster, Fully working Guild System, Fully working Item Upgrade, Reforge, Transmogrification & Void Storage, Fully working World Events (including weekend Fishing Events), Unique Freakz Features, Item Finder, NPC Finder, Object Finder, Quest Finder, Spell Reader, PvE – Features particularly made to help you with various activities in-game

As well as other features:
Raid Finder (Custom made, not the Blizzard one)
Raid Finder Quest to help you with the gearing-up process
Boss Timers to maintain a high level of competition between guilds
Cross-faction Dungeon Finder & Raid Finder to lower the queue waiting time.
Command to see the raid cooldowns/item-level of a specific player (.cd / .ilvl)
PvP – Features particularly made to help you with various activites in-game

Arena Ready Crystal – When both teams are ready, arena start timer will be set to 15 seconds.
Arena Spectate (includes the ability to see who’s spectating)
Command to see 3v3 queued teams (.3v3)
Weekly PvP Quest to Win 30 3v3 Rated Arenas
NPC with Elite T2 Weapons for 2000 3v3 Rating
NPC with PvP Tabards/Mounts for 1850 to 2350 3v3 Rating
Challenge (1v1 to 5v5)
Gurubashi Treasure Chest
Command to enable/disable spell-queue (.spellqueue on/off)


Unique Leveling Experience
Recover Deleted Items
Recover Items from Rollback/Vote
Customizable Rates
Arena Points/Cap Calculator
5.4.8 Addons
Great Vote Shop

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