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  • Online Since 2021
  • Realm Type Custom, PvE, PvP
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates 5-10X
  • Language English

Server Description

What makes Exile 5man a great experience?

  • 3.3.5 Wotlk content scaled to 5 players – dungeons/raids/events. Everything you know and love, but now you get to do it with a small tight-knit group, whether that is premade, or created on the server.

  • Choose to level 1-80 or instant 80!

  • NO p2w!

  • Cross-faction + Any race/class combination & ability to choose active racials from any race!

  • PVP/Arena 1v1 – 2v2 – 3v3

  • PVP/Battleground (Currently only Warsong gulch 2v2)

  • Custom events – bosses, that engages veteran and new players alike. With unique rewards, mounts/transmogs/titles.

  • Small community – Now hear me out.. there’s nothing like being on a server where you get to know each other, without having bots running around everywhere you go, or those people who just spam the world chat every chance they get. On Exile 5 man, we are sitting at 30-50 players and growing. And it’s such a nice feeling when everyone comes together and helps out when needed.

  • Solo HC dungeon – We have implemented a solo dungeon system which gives players the ability to chose finding a group or going it alone. When you enter a HC dungeon you can talk to an NPC who sells a buff that enables you to solo the dungeon. This is a great catch-up mechanic to get into a raid team or just to gear up for arenas or dungeons. However you can still form a 5 man group and do it normally!

You start out by choosing any race/class combination you want, with a twist of being able to pick racial activated effects from other races. Once you have picked your character, the next step will be whether you wish to level 1-80 or take the instant option.

If you pick leveling then there’s a reward at 80 in the form of gold, a special mount with increased run speed, a bad ass title + server VIP currency (NO! Not pay to win)

However if you do go with the instant option you are met with a sea of vendors at your disposal that can help get you ready for heroic dungeons.

We have 2 HC dungeon options, 1. you can spend game currency on boosting yourself through HC dungeons, 2. you can bring your friends along or join a random group to make new friends.

That is not the only catch-up mechanic there is, once you have accumulated enough vote points you will be able to buy a token that resets your id for the (OLD) raid.

For example: after Naxx 25(Hard) is released you will be able to reset id on Naxx 10(Easy). There is a one day raid id reset on all of our raids normally, so you can choose to play every day if you wish or extend the lock out if you don’t have the time. Old raids will drop more items, and current raid tier will drop one item due to our low id resets.

In terms of customization, the server has hundreds of unique transmog pieces, mounts, and visual effects from newer expansions and some custom too.

For example wings! So if you want diablo/tera wings, well.. It’s possible. Most of these unique items will be bought for VIP currency, called Primogems, which are gained by being online, or from participating in events.

Donation is an option, but not necessary. We have made the realm fair for everyone and there will be no pay to win in any way. So if you wish to try out a quite unique wotlk experience, grab your friends or venture alone and join us!

Website: https://neverendwow.eu/
Discord: http://discord.gg/z9NjNxHxCj

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