• Online Since: 2021
  • Realmtype: PvP
  • Population: 5000+
  • Realm Rates: 5-10X
  • Realm Language: English

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Icecrown is a Wotlk Private Server and offers 7X XP Rate, and PvP as realm-type. It’s an English speaking server, and  is probably the most popular server for this expansion.

Icecrown, from Warmane, has a very active and healthy population. It’s usually around 7000-9000 players online. It’s not very often that we see servers with such a high population.

Shop: Gear, Levels, Gold, Characters. (Pay-2-win).

With Warmane, it’s often like this: Either you hate it, you love it, or you simply play on it casually. With Warmane’s ream: Icecrown, it’s the same.
Despite the cashgrab shop, fact is however that Warmane has been up for many years, always been stable, and has a very high population.

If you’re into playing a server with: server stability, high population, and an active server in general, then Icecrown could definitely be an option for you.

Icecrown was launched quite a while back, and is still doing well. Icecrown is one among several of Warmane’s wotlk realms.

You can play Icecrown here:

3 Reviews

(3.67 out of 5)
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    Very bad GM

    My account has been banned from this server for botting.
    The problem : I have never used any bot of my life !

    I will never create a new account on this very bad server.
    I will try a better one (probably not difficult …)

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    Not pay to win

    Pay to win does not exist on any server. Paying for gear won’t teach you a rotation or give you brains to use what spell/ability when nor give you raid experience. Sure you can buy things in the server and sure you might get taken by a guild who only bases skill off of your gearscore. But you’ll never be good in pve or pvp unless you know what you are doing. This making pay to win really not even a thing as 99% of players can’t play their class no matter the gear or items.

    Icecrown has lasted for years because it is a place where people with less time can level up and get to see content faster.

    Gold squishes to keep the economy in balance are a yearly thing.

    Icecrown has the better retail scripts vs all other warmane servers.

    I’ve personally been on the realm before it merged ragnaros and deathwing, before the rename to warmane, before the moltdown in 2015.

    Yes it does have its flaws and it does not have 10k players due to how warmane calculates players online by account over an hour period, but it does enjoy a larger playerbase than pretty much anyone out there and has stood the test of time.

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    Highrated Wotlk Server

    Icecrown is one of the most popular wotlk servers, and is high-rated. I recommend it to everyone who don’t want 1x rates. Warmane has been running for many years, and in my opinion is very stable.

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