• Online Since 2021
  • Realm Type PvP
  • Population 500-1000
  • Realm Rates Instant
  • Language English

Server Description

Blackrock is Warmane’s answer on an Instant 80 realm. If you’re into instant servers for Wotlk Private Servers, and you would like to experience content right away; then Blackrock might be a realm for you.

Blackrock was previously originated by Arena-Tournament, and is now running through Warmane.

Shop: Gear.

Blackrock used to be a realm for only the hardcore arena people, but it’s a little more flexible now, welcoming everyone.
There are some complains that the BG Queues are a little too long sometimes. But if you’re into a PvP instant server, you might want to try Warmane’s server: Blackrock.

Play Blackrock here:

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