• Online Since 2019
  • Realm Type PvP
  • Population 2000-5000
  • Realm Rates 15X+
  • Language English

Server Description

UWoW is one of the biggest Legion Private Servers offering increased XP rates. UWoW’s realm consists of an English and Russian community. Be aware of this, that you’ll find a lot of Russian players ingame.

UWoW has existed for years (since 2009), making it a relatively stable server in terms of uptime. But reviews and feedback from their Legion realm, have said that while they do indeed have scripted content, there are still a large amount of bugs, as any other Legion server, unfortunately.

To sum up,
If you’re searching for a Legion server, and you don’t know where to go, and don’t mind Russian players, and is aware of bugs, then you can try UWoW’s answer on a 7.3.5 highrated server.

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(2.6 out of 5)

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