TormentWoW – 70 Twink PvP 5.4.8 Logo WoW Server

TormentWoW – 70 Twink PvP 5.4.8

  • Online Since 2022
  • Realm Type PvP
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates Instant
  • Language English

Server Description

  • Instant level 70
  • Instant best gear
  • Instant professions, enchants and gems
  • Competitive 2v2 and 3v3 ladder
  • Short arena seasons (claim gladiator titles and mounts every 6 weeks)
  • Custom transmogs with every arena season
  • Great community

TormentWoW is a level 70 twink PvP experience. The player base is focused on high end arenas. We have an active community playing arenas every day and we are always looking to introduce new people to the bracket we hold dear.

So if you’re ready to play arenas and evolve as a player, we want you on the team!

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