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The Forgotten Crusade – WOTLK 335a – Custom leveling (1-70) | Blizzlike leveling (70-80) x6 XP Rates | PvE/PvP | RP features | Progression | Fun | Custom!

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Updated on January 10, 2021 at 10:03 pm
  • Online Since: 2021
  • Type: Custom, PvE, PvP, RP
  • Population: 0-100
  • Realmlist: set realmlist
  • Website:
  • Realm Language: English
  • Realm Rates: 2-5X


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7 Reviews

(5 out of 5)
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    Stoyko Warrior

    I have been playing for about a month in the server. I really enjoy playing there, still hoping a lot of people will give a chance by changing their realm list! They are very minor bugs which are solved by Nerc who is an absolutely amazing technically and down to earth guy. There are channels at Discord for discussing all aspect of the game in which the people are cooperative and friendly!

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    Perfect For People Who Love Northend

    Been on the server for just over a week now, have played many private servers and have never came across one like this.
    Has a great Custom levelling experience 1-70 for those who just want to get into Northend, Doesn’t remove the choice to level 1-70 the normal way but I recommend trying the custom levelling zone It is a challenge and will make you use most of your class abilities including Defensive Cooldowns so its not just a mindless grind.

    70-80 Is X3 exp and I feel this is a sweet spot it is faster than blizzlike but still lets you enjoy the zones without outlevelling them too fast and lets admit wrath has some of the most amazing looking zones and music (Howling fjord is mine).

    Now no matter how good the game looks or sounds It can all be ruined by bugs, I have to say Nerc (The server owner) Is a absolute machine. There are very few bugs and any myself or the community have come across are fixed in less than 24 hours of reporting (dare I say 12hr’s but the mans got to sleep) He is also a very nice down to earth guy, easy to talk to, give feedback, voice your concerns (in a constructive way of course) he will listen to what everyone has to say and I really respect he takes the time to actually sit down and talk to his player base really makes you feel like you found a home for your wrath experience. So if you read this Nerc THANK YOU!

    All I can add is jump in and give it ago you will regret it if you don’t it takes 2 minuets to change your realmlist. just jump in and have a look around talk to the people on the server we are more than happy to take you onboard and join the Crusade. Thank you for reading and see you in Northend

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    Beginning of a great new server!

    Player since the beta stages of the “Omen of Chaos” realm, bug testing etc. Nerc (Server owner) whole attitude towards the server from the minute I joined was very promising, any issues was resolved within either a couple of hours or within a day. Listens to his player base. Community is great, full of experience players & new players alike. So far as a player on the server very pleased with it so far and look forward to the future. Not normally a fan of “custom Blizzlike” however it has kept the Blizzlike feeling of Wotlk 100%. No pay2win features which is always a plus.
    All in all a fantastic server to play on, also its fresh ^^

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    A Great new server

    This server is a really good one. A perfect blend of blizzlike and custom features which make your leveling and overall gameplay alot more fun and enjoyable. I’ve been here since beta and still enjoy it ALOT! Dev is fast with fixes if a problem occur, and really take the communitys suggestions into concerideration. 1-70 is a custom leveling path which is a bit challenging, but really fast. 70-80 is 3x Blizzlike questing in Northrend. Give it a shot and you wont be dissapointed! See you there 😀

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    An interesting Project

    A very smooth experience with any issues or bugs being fixed in notime. The staff listens to the players feedback and are attentive to suggestions or support when needed. It has great quality of life changes from the original rendition of the game and ive heard there is alot of custom additions coming after the original Wotlk has been progressed, Really looking forward to seeing what its going to bring! Very welcoming community regardless of how experienced you are with the patch or the game as a whole.

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    A decent blend

    Loving it so far! A decent blend between custom, blizzlike, progression 🙂

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    Promising project! Exciting to see how the server will turn out 🙂

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