Tauri WoW – Crystalsong

  • Online Since: 2021
  • Realmtype: PvP
  • Population: 100-500
  • Realm Rates: 1X
  • Realm Language: English

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Crystalsong is a realm delivered by Tauri-WoW. The realm is an international blizzlike Wotlk Private Server, running on 1X XP rates, and focusing on a good experience for the players.

Tauri-WoW is known for quality, and Crystalsong is therefore worth trying, if you’re concerned about quality.

You can however set your XP rate between 1x-to-7x rates, if you don’t want to play on the default 1X rated XP.

Crystalsong is advertised as an intertional server, but they also have a Hungarian community, aside of it. The shop is offering only Vanity Items, and the population is quite healthy.

0 Reviews

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