• Online Since 2021
  • Realm Type Custom
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates Instant
  • Language English

Server Description

Beta release where all progress is kept. Server features include:  Start with 0.00 cast speed  – Easy to farm donation points – Intelligent Player companions – Ultimate Spells

The server includes powerful custom items, custom player companions with a clever AI that will loot, fight & heal for you, custom gems, ability to convert gold into Donation points with easy gold farming content, character enhancement progression system, new ultimate class spells in line with the theme of that class, new world bosses’, scaled up dungeons and raids, playtime rewards, Azeroth flying and much, much more! Please join our discord – https://discord.gg/5XJhG992Z3

Full release is expected on the 15th of December – all progress will however be kept!

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