• Online Since: 2021
  • Realmtype: PvP
  • Population: 0-100
  • Realm Rates: 5-10X
  • Realm Language: English

16 Reviews

(4.13 out of 5 Stars)
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Stormgarde hereby present our first ever single player experience | 4.3.4 |

StormGarde is a fresh blizzlike server born early 2020,
but with one customization the will make our server different from others.

| companion system |

You will be able to solo at your own phase, or socialize with other players.
Our vision for this project is allowing future players to enjoy the game at a casual level without falling too far behind.
We have therefore implemented a companion system which allow you to spawn up to 9 npc’s, making it possible to do quests in groups as well as queuing for dungeons.
The server is build around the NPC system So whether you’re a hardworking adult or a teen buried in homework, you can always return and pickup where you left off.


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16 Reviews

(4.13 out of 5)
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    Read server rules

    To the reviewer below.
    If you would take the time to read up on the server / discord rules, you would know that our discord is not a bug report forum, this is why posts regarding this were deleted.
    Asking for help because of bugs is not against our discord rules, tho this is not the case.

    “After my friend had gotten tired of the bugs he had proceeded to write a complain directly to the owner and hopefully he had helped” Again, tell your friend to read our rules as they state this

    Do not PM the server owner asking for help, reporting bugs etc.
    Use our general discussion or support channels.
    You can always tag our Support team.
    (This is duo to my own Discord getting flooded with text messages.)

    your friend violated two simple rules.

    And to inform you, I didn’t receive any complaints. ( I’ve only been in contact with 1 player this year. )
    I got to stop you right there, I never call anyone unfriendly because of DM’s about bugs.
    It wouldn’t benefit me to keep a server open, which by the way I self-finance, just to be mean to people.

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    Unfriendly Owner


    I made the rate of my experience Fair because of the Community itself, however after speaking with the Owner of the server in direct messages on Discord. He had explained that he expects complaints on Both Project One and Hailstone PTR. Afterwards my Friend had explained to me about him being very dishonest about his community explaining that he does everything for his community, After the Owner received several complaints about the Bugs on Project One, He proceeded to delete the complaints in his forum to hide the fact that his main server is covered with bugs and that there is no point hold up two servers if the one is super buggy and completely unplayable. The Owner is named Black Vision, After my friend had gotten tired of the bugs he had proceeded to write a complain directly to the owner and hopefully he had helped, Nope he did not the Owner decided to insult my friend by calling him “Unfriendly” because of dming the Owner about the bugs. My friend direct messaged the Owner because the Bugs being reported in the forum were not being resolved if anything they were being either deleted or denied. The Owner of this server is more manipulative then he makes himself out to be. The server is fine have fun with it but I wouldn’t recommend it. EitherSide is a pretty decent server with Friendly staff.

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    wanna start playing

    how many players are queing arenas

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    This sever is great

    i have been on this sever now for way over 2 years now and never have i been disapointed of this sever yet and when. So i will say that this is a small sever i will gladly recomend to other people even when some people like the SPP group spout nonsens about it when they never have talked to this super comunity about it.
    So all in all i will give this sever a 8-10

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    Bit confused.


    They cant make up their mind if they are affiliated with the SPP or SSP? Which is it? Well they are claiming zremax tagged them as spp, obviously bullshit. They tried to use the name of another group for traffic and donations and when they got called out and asked for explaination the people were immediately banned. Great way to handle shit. But it is ok. They claim it was all a misunderstanding….

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    Donald Trumpers


    The way they filled their review space with OBVIOUSLY fake posts reminds me of a certain “president”‘s tweets… Do you think gamers are that stupid?!? I guess yes, which means you are the dumb ones 😉

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    Fast developmemt

    Been playing on Hailstone since its release, i must say that bugs are fixed quit fast 👍
    And as some of the others have said, the community is super friendly

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    Excellent community

    I think it’s fantastic the way this server is being runned.
    The staff is incredibly kind.
    Playing in Hailstone.

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    Just great !

    Playing on their BFA realm.
    Some amazing work I must say, even that they release new updates (fixes) every week!

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    I like how informative they are, server wise.
    Haven’t had any issue here yet.

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    I have been playing on the server since February on / off.
    And every time I return, I am amazed at how much has changed for the better.

    I can truly recommend this server for everyone why want to play at a causal level.

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    You got to love their companion system.
    makes everything that much easier.

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    The server is just amazing! Amazing and always helping staff! The server is perfect for solo and multiplayer play! Come, join and see for youself!

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    Friendly staff

    Love how far the staff goes to help out players in need.
    Friendly community, well scripted server.

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    Nice Server

    I love Black Vision. Please merry me. Good server, he is dedicated.

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    Best of luck!

    Fingers are crossed. I hope the server will grow, I like your concept and dedication.

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