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Cataclysm PvP is back Instant 85 Realm, with: Working PvP Contents, Daily updates, Racial Trait Swift, Instant Battlegrounds / Arenas, Good Population and a Lag Free Gameplay.

Server News

WoW server news
Welcome all of you to Sirius WoW If you're here, it's because you're a heavy PvP player, and, that's great, because so are we. For us, everything is b...

Server Reviews

2 Reviews
(4.50 out of 5)

Fresh cataclysm server

Written by Sirius WoW Sirius WoW
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Downvote 1

Can't wait to try this one out!

Looks good so far

Written by Roguix Roguix
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Looks good so far. I've been playing it since launch day.
They have a few bugs here and there, but the dev team fixes it fast.

Keep it up guys.

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