Revendreth – Instant 80 PvP & PvE With Custom Content

➭ Custom PvP Gear with 5% and 8% difference from Wrathful.
➭ Custom PvE Weapons with 5% difference from top-tier weapons.
➭ Custom Transmog Sets and Weapons from other expansions.
➭ Custom Mounts from other expansions.
➭ Custom PvP & PvE Zones with exciting rewards.
➭ Scaled Vanilla & TBC Raids to level 80 heroic raid standards.
➭ PvP & PvE Tokens system.
➭ Template NPC.
And much more…


Updated on May 27, 2020 at 4:59 pm

Available Realms

Instant 80 With Custom Content: Custom PvP Gear With 5% and 8% Difference From Wrathful, Custom PvE Weapons With 5% Difference From Top-Tier Weapons, Custom Mounts From Other Expansions, Custom Transmog Sets and Weapons From Other Expansions, Custom PvP/PvE Zones And a lot more...

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