• Online Since: 2020
  • Realmtype: PvP
  • Population: 500-1000
  • Realm Rates:
  • Realm Language: English

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Project Entropius also known as ‘Nextcalibur’ is the continuation of the Excalibur Burning Crusade Emulator & Database we all know and love. Yearly fresh blizzlike, attunements, 1X-4X rates.

We aim to make some changes to the way the server works, we will release more information on this later but to give you an idea, we want to fix everything that gave Excalibur a negative perception in the emulator community while still providing some of the best scripted content and unmatched feature completeness.

That means no more pay-2-win, no more boost to 70 in the shop or purchashing weapons and armor.

5 Reviews

(5 out of 5)
  • TBC server to play on

    I am kindly inviting all of you, willing to play TBC on mostly blizzlike server, and relive best tbc experience , and maybe stay for longer than one cycle and call it your home. EntropiusWoW Burning Crusade server is stable before everything else, 99% of npcs across whole world is working properly, quests, spells, mechanics are as they should be. Overall #1 atm deff.
    I am expeting few ks of pop and many more joining along the way, juicy Archieved realm is calling!

  • Cannot wait for the release!

    Server staff and scripting are amazing! I was able to test T4 and T5 content and everything looked as good as it worked.
    We do have a real competitor on the scene here now and quite frankly, after stacking Stamina for a year on Netherwing, I am delighted to see this change happening in the private server scene.
    Come back and play tbc whenever you want to 🙂

  • PTR Review

    I am also on the PTR and so far it looks great, found a couple of minor bugs but nothing game breaking.

    Overall opinion on scripting so far is pretty damn high.

  • Title (too lazy to think of one)

    Looks well scripted, been playing on excal for a long time. Looking forward to enjoying the fresh server, together with the – so far – reealy nice community. Also looking forward to the archive realm.

  • PTR Review

    I am trying out the PTR of Entropius and so far everything works surprisingly well.

    The community is fantastic and the staff support is live, they reply&help very fast on discord, dont have to wait for days on a ticket for something that is easy to answer lol

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