Project Entropius also known as ‘Nextcalibur’ is the continuation of the Excalibur Burning Crusade Emulator & Database we all know and love. Yearly fresh blizzlike, attunements, 1X-4X rates.


Updated on May 7, 2020 at 6:43 pm
  • Online Since: 2020
  • Type: Normal, PvP
  • Client Type: Normal
  • Population: 500-1000
  • Realmlist: set realmlist
  • Website:

Available Realms

Yearly fresh / archive system for legacy.

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    TBC server to play on

    I am kindly inviting all of you, willing to play TBC on mostly blizzlike server, and relive best tbc experience , and maybe stay for longer than one cycle and call it your home. EntropiusWoW Burning Crusade server is stable before everything else, 99% of npcs across whole world is working properly, quests, spells, mechanics are as they should be. Overall #1 atm deff.
    I am expeting few ks of pop and many more joining along the way, juicy Archieved realm is calling!

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    Cannot wait for the release!

    Server staff and scripting are amazing! I was able to test T4 and T5 content and everything looked as good as it worked.
    We do have a real competitor on the scene here now and quite frankly, after stacking Stamina for a year on Netherwing, I am delighted to see this change happening in the private server scene.
    Come back and play tbc whenever you want to 🙂

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    PTR Review

    I am also on the PTR and so far it looks great, found a couple of minor bugs but nothing game breaking.

    Overall opinion on scripting so far is pretty damn high.

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    Title (too lazy to think of one)

    Looks well scripted, been playing on excal for a long time. Looking forward to enjoying the fresh server, together with the – so far – reealy nice community. Also looking forward to the archive realm.

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    PTR Review

    I am trying out the PTR of Entropius and so far everything works surprisingly well.

    The community is fantastic and the staff support is live, they reply&help very fast on discord, dont have to wait for days on a ticket for something that is easy to answer lol

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