• Online Since 2021
  • Realm Type PvE, PvP
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates 2-5X
  • Language English

Server Description

New Classic World of Warcraft realm currently in development.

Development began on JAN 1 2021, realm accessible 23/6+

 Welcome to Dreadnaught (PvP) Patch 1.12.1 – Vmangos – No patching
Classic WoW+ 1.12.1 beta-development phase is live now, you are able to create an account and login.
Optimal high experience-gaining routes will be presented while still staying at 1x incoming rates. You will have 50% reduced exp required per level after level 10. Normal item and gold drop rates stay in effect throughout the testing process. A mount is available at level 1 during beta and the plans for our live version will include mounts before level 40. The goal is to create and expand into casual amounts of hardcore custom Classic+ content which scripted to a blizz-like experience and standard. Project Dreadnaught will create a hardcore atmosphere while still managing not to require a large amount of time from players. Keeping it real… and keeping your character focused on item progression improvements constantly. You will defeat known and new unknown challenging bosses that will remind you every time how much you are earning your gear. We will be staying centered around the play of your character and your abilities to focus for longer periods than normal classic. We will not be world buff stacking for easy 20sec kills and 30 min clears, Plan to spend hours in raids, not hours farming buffs. Dreadnaught will offer Classic in its most pristine state, with patch 1.12 available on release and increased HP/Damage budds to NPCs. Individually coded for each NPC. Project Dreadnaught will add an entire raid tier of new highly difficult dungeon content. Similar to the idea of how Sunwell Plateau was released in late tbc. New quest hubs, justice badge rewards and epic level 5mans will be available. Don’t hesitate, look into the project early by joining discord and communicating. Always dreadnaught will be sticking to Blizzards item stat values for any new gear created, Dreadnaught will continue to be a work in progress in a “development” state until it’s completed or shutdown. The content will be posted for download if something would occur that causes the realm to shut down.
Starting with all of Blizzard’s original raids open and accessible. MC BWL AQ & NAXX will be fully functional since the server is running on the Light’s Hope/Nostalrius continued core, vmangos. Dreadnaught will be moving directly into Classic+ progression content on release. There will be stepping stones to speed up original content rewards. Where you would normally earn gear over months, it will only take a few short weeks with the content at a higher difficulty standard and higher reward rate.  You will be able to earn tiers 1-3 through multiple routes, including your profession’s solo game play. The original tier sets in their entirety will be a required collection in order to be rewarded with the new legendary tier sets, Even after receiving the token drops from new raid bosses, you will have to complete a questline that requires all tier sets to be turned in, so that you may receive your reward of a Legendary set piece that is strong enough to make up for the loss.

The character database will receive a 95% wipe before we launch into live(still researching how-to). With all character gear, levels and gold reset. You will keep your reputation statuses, skills already trained, and of-course beta collection rewards! The characters made in beta will remain locked during the first month of release to not trivialize the experience. Honestly, hopefully those characters will live to tell the story of how they were the first ones to acquire the  ancient legendary gear sets, only to have them float away with the spirits of Azeroth through mid air.

Hot-fixes, changes, and additions are happening most days and you can watch development progress live. Even join in with your contributions! Whether they are large or small!
At Project Dreadnaught you will be able to chill out and relax while you get away from retail stresses. Instant level 60 or   even transferring your character from retail is available for our beta testing. Just message the developer with a screenshot to get your character’s gear from retail and it will be added to your character on Dreadnaught.

One-time-only collector items like Diablo Stone, Panda Collar and Zergling Leash are available for a limited time while content is being created and tested over the next few months. There are also more exclusive rewards for getting more involved directly that will surely have the chance to pass into live.

You will be able to complete the new legendary and basic questlines as they are created. Purchase gear easy with small amounts of gold (including new sets) from the item mall in Azshara Crater, available while we create content. Eventually you will also be able to enjoy the crafting profession gearing route. You’ll be able to create some of your early tier sets from gathering resources during your solo play then combining other items and materials at a profession quest-giver.
Raids are currently globally nerfed to allow 5 or less people to clear them. Five man dungeons are soloable at any appropriate level, clear them easily with basic leveling gear and level faster than normal. Everything and anything needs to be tested on Dreadnaught before release. If your character needs items during the testing process on Dreadnaught, message a GM through discord or search the local outpost in Azshara Crater for Gold to EXP quests or vendors/services. Global HP & damage nerfs are applied to all elites during beta only and will stay applied until enough testing/improvements/additions have been completed in the overall game plan. Dreadnaught will always strive for a perfect transition of improved stats on new items that blend directly into the normal game.
Development phases are expected to last 6-12 months from beta launch. Project Dreadnaught is recruiting aspiring developers and story writers for added quests and content. Inquire with the Head Developer on discord to contribute.
Realm Highlights
  • A full beta-development process hosted live. Content fully ready before you start playing it.
  • Mount at level 1 during beta, Don’t waste time moving slowly during beta! See it all! Test it all!
  • Transfer your character’s gear from retail. Message a dev to get proven earned items added. Screenshot required.
  • Allowed 4 primary professions, gear crafting for PvE, engineering for PvP while still being able to gather materials.
  • Tons of new quests, items, and creatures.
  • A quicker and more challenging option to the Classic WoW experience, great for any veteran or new player.
  • Azshara Crater open-world battleground zone with honor rewards and stronghold attack events.
  • Gear for gold vendors for all tier sets during beta, including the new Legendary sets.
  • Decreased required experience per level by 50% after level 10.
  • Mount Hyjal & Karazhan Crypts PvEvP outdoor planned “tier 4” content.
  • Optional Instant 60 and Gold for EXP quests during beta. Level to any specific level and then test what you want.
  • Temporary mini-mall in Azshara Crater with class trainers and a localized active “developer” area presented to you.

More information and details about Project Dreadnaught will be provided in the future!

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