• Online Since: 2017
  • Realmtype: Custom
  • Population: 2000-5000
  • Realm Rates:
  • Realm Language: English

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Project Ascension is a fully released Classless WoW server offering FFA Loot on Death PvP, Seasonal Servers, High & Low Risk PvP with custom mechanics that allow Loot on Death to function in WoW. We have full time development, balance and support staff!

Our server is supported via donations for cosmetic and convenience only. No gear, no power, no progression or “catch up” exists for donations.

Ascension is a masterfully crafted, fully scripted Blizz-like Vanilla private server–with one major twist. Rather than selecting from the classic Warcraft classes, players on Ascension create their own class. Using a custom UI, players can choose from every spell and talent in the game, creating their own unique Hero. As players level, they’ll gain access to higher level Abilities and Talents. By the time they hit 60–the current level cap–they’ll be able to select from every spell, skill and talent in the game, and forge a Hero of their own design.

Ascension runs on a 3.3.5 core, and players have access to talents all the way up to Wrath of the Lich King. Additionally, the server will progress through Warcrafts most iconic two expansions, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King.


1 Review

(5 out of 5)
  • Project Ascension review

    Project-Ascension deserves a 5 star rating for it’s unique sort of server. They provide a lot of custom features, so make sure you’re into that. It’s basically a classless server. Their marketing deserves 5+ too. I saw Project Ascension on my Facebook as sponsored post the other day 😀

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