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Play-Valhalla – 255 Funserver

  • Online Since 2021
  • Realm Type Custom, PvE, PvP
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates Instant
  • Language English

Server Description

Custom leveling zone for all races – Spring Mountains (Hyjal)!

Starting leveling zone includes:

-Starter Gear;



-Necessity Vendors;



Fully scripted teleporter with locations leading to server related content!

Over 500 Custom Items suited for your needs!

Balanced Classes for 255 level appropriate content!

PvP Restrictions on Starting Zone!

From the starting zone and the teleporter you can gain access to our leveling path, starting from lvl 80, covering 2 zones and 4 teleport locations and ending at lvl 255.

At every 30 levels there are placed necessity vendors, and at level 150 and at the end of the leveling path at level 255 you get T9.5 and T10.5 respectively.

Custom Scripted Bosses at fixed locations, giving Beginner PvE gear (T11) with a high drop rate and End-Game gear with a lower drop rate!



-Scorched Ruins (Zul’Farrak) for End-Game Trinkets!

-Jotunheim for End-Game Weapons and Relics!

-Cursed Harbor for End-Game Accessories!




-Ironforge (A);

–Level 255 PvP Gear (S8 Wrathful) free!

–Beginner PvP Gear (S9 Play-Valhalla) for 23500 honor!

–End-Game PvP Gear (Valhalla End Game) for 47500 Honor and 1125 Arena Points!

–Necessity Vendors!

-Orgrimmar (H);

–Level 255 PvP Gear (S8 Wrathful) free!

–Beginner PvP Gear (S9 Play-Valhalla) for 23500 honor!

–End-Game PvP Gear (Valhalla End Game) for 47500 Honor and 1125 Arena Points!

–Necessity Vendors!


Profession Zone – All Trainers, Recipes and Materials needed for your profession!

Class buffs from Teleporter!

All Game content is working and Accessible:

-Battlegrounds and their requirements;

-Arenas and their requirements;

-Dungeons (Classic,TBC,WoTLK);

-Raids (Classic,TBC,WoTLK);

-Modified Honor Rates;

-Modified Arena Rates;

VIP ZONE with conveniences for supporting our server!

-VIP Buffs; (.buff)

-VIP Vendors; (.mall)


We have also release 2 new NPC’s that you can use in your major city!

You can receive a morph for 10 PVP Tokens , Free Buffs and Sayge’s  10%Buffs for 30 PVP Tokens


World chat has also been added,you can use it by typing .c , .chat, .world, and the message afterwards

I.E “.chat Hi welcome to Play-Valhalla!”

You can see the account status in the world chat messages.

Sharing links in the world chat is prohibited and will not forwaard your message!

You can see other people’s messages regardless if they’re horde or alliance!


We are proud to announce that we added “Transmogrification System” on our server! Change your appearance and amaze your friends with your new look! You can change any skins as there are no restrictions.

To be able to change you display you will need 1x Transmogrification Token for each item that you want to change!

New Instance also added to fulfill the system, you will find on teleporter the new transmogrification instance

(Play-Valhalla Points of Interest-> Transmogrification Instance),each monsters will have a 20% drop chance of some of the best weapons displays plus one Transmogrification Token.

You can also go alone or with a 5M Heroic Raid,where you will find more powerful monsters and also a better drop chance!

You can loot up to 5x Transmogrification Tokens on Heroic per bosses and only 1 token per monsters plus more unique weapons displays  and only 1xTransmogrification Token on solodungeon per bosses/monsters !


The goal is to increase the popularity of the server among others as well as reward our dedicated players for their efforts in helping the server grow.

Starting from this month the top voter on our website will receive an exclusive reward each week, as well as the second and third highest voter.

All the accounts in top 10 voters, which have at least 20 Votes for that week will also claim a reward.

The rewards for TOP VOTER will be 15 Donation points, the 2ND Highest will be 10 Donation points and the 3RD will receive 5 Donation points.

If we get more than 150 votes for the week all accounts will receive 30 bonus VOTE POINTS and 1 Donation Point.

If we get more than 200 votes for the week all account will receive 50 bonus VOTE POINTS and 5 Donation Points

DONATIONS will also count to our monthly rewards, as there will be rewards for TOP CONTRIBUTOR for the server!

If we reach a certain number of players online there will also be rewards!

If we reach a certain position in one of the top voting sites there will also be rewards!


Now only for a limited time you can get your Beginner gear by leveling!

The custom quest chain will reward you 8x Tokens to get you started for the adventures of our server!

With those tokens you can buy 8x T11 or 8x S9 gear!

Be brave and start leveling!

Quest will be available for 255 characters aswell!

Don’t miss out!


We have launched our first solo instanace – The Forge of Souls

The instance will be tied to a quest that rewards you 2xEnd-Game Item Token.

You must defeat all the creatures and bosses in the instance to complete the quest!

It can be done once per week!

You can acces the dungeon from our teleporter in the END-GAME Section->The Forge of Souls


We also run a discord server that help you talk to us more easily!

Any suggestions or bugs reported will be fixed as soon as possible!

Our discord server link!


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