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We’re a 3.3.5 private server with a 255 fun realm. Our goal is to create a 255 realm with competitive PvP and PvE aspects where we re-define the current ‘255’ standards. We also strive to bring an unique and fun experience in this genre that is based on quality over quantity.

Examples of these unique experiences would be as seen below,

– Custom (Noggit) Instance
– Custom (Noggit) Mall
– Custom (Noggit) Battleground/s
– Custom (Noggit) Arena/s
– Personal Rating in Battlegrounds
– Class-specific Visuals
– Sub-classes

Omnis is currently under Development, if you’re interested and would like to check out our work feel free to join our Discord server for updates and announcements.


Updated on November 8, 2020 at 11:57 am


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