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NycterMoon – Vanilla Server

  • Online Since 2022
  • Realm Type PvE
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates 1X
  • Language English

Server Description

NycterMoon is a Vanilla server where you can hire Companions by going to an Inn. Companions will join you in combat and they can be used for questing, running dungeons, filling in spots for a raid or battlegrounds. The Companions are mostly hire-and-forget but they can also be controlled with ease by using our custom addon.

Server – Latest version of VMaNGOS (Elysium / LightsHope)
Game version: 1.12.1 (5875).
Server Rates: 1x Vanilla.
+ 2x XP Rate option for leveling alts.
Server Custom Features:
+ AI Companions to help you Quest, clear Dungeons and Raids. They fill the roles of Tank, Healer and DPS.
+ Player Raid Progression. Raids must be completed in the order they were released. MC->BWL->AQ->Naxx.
+ Gear progression for level 60 Companions. Make them stronger by clearing Dungeons and Raids.
+ Marketer System to automatically sell trade goods on the Auction House and buy Player items.
+ Debuff limit removed. Boss HP increased to compensate.
+ Grey and Green quests grant Full XP & Reputation.
+ Profession skill up chance increased by 5%.
+ Professions 2 skill per gain.
+ Max Professions: 10.
+ Cross Faction.
+ Auto Fishing.
+ Transmog System.
+ Lore-friendly Custom Content.

Server Preview

Molten Core clear:

Onyxia clear:


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