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NycterMoon – Vanilla Server

  • Online Since 2021
  • Realm Type PvP
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates 1X
  • Language English

Server Description

Hello everyone! This server have the most advanced AI Bots that suport Questing/Dungeons/Raids and Battlegrounds

For those who don’t know, NycterMoon is a Vanilla server where you can hire AI Companions by visiting any Inn for a modest fee that scales with your level and the number of Companions you have. You can hire up to 4 of them and they will follow you around and help you clear quests, run dungeons and even fill in the spots in a raid; for as long as you remain online. You can also run battlegrounds by simply queuing up and they will automatically fill in the remaining spots after 1 minute in the queue.

The Companions come fully prepared with their own gear, spells, talents, consumables and everything they need to function properly in a group, much like how you would encounter a real player, so you don’t have to worry about them. They are hire-and-forget as much as possible, but with the option to give them some commands to have better control over them.

During these past few months we’ve had the chance to improve all the classes and roles and even add the remaining roles that were missing. Shamans, for example, are now able to join you as Tank, Healer, Melee DPS or Ranged DPS. Now you have much more flexibility in putting together the kind of team that you want and to have a more personalized and unique experience. When hiring them you can customize them by class, role, race or gender and you also have the option to hide their cloak or helmet.

One of the major aspects that has been implemented is the way they are randomized when they join your group. When leveling, they choose their own gear based on a number of factors, but basically the intention was to make them look diverse while ensuring that the gear they choose is relevant for their role. At level 60 they wear pre raid bis (call it Tier 0), and they can be upgraded to Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 2.5 and Tier 3, by killing particular raid bosses and acquiring certain items. This way the Companions have their own progression system and they will become stronger as you clear raids.

Overall, there have been many quality of life improvements and fixes to help each Companion fulfill their role better. The leveling experience is very relaxing and fun because you can setup your party composition just the way you like. It’s possible to clear all the dungeons in the game and to farm efficiently. Some tank-and-spank bosses can be killed, and more raid support will be worked on and added in the future.

If you wish to see a short preview video of the server and see the Companions in action then watch this video:

If you join our Discord channel, you will find there many more videos showing dungeon runs for all the roles and you can read the changelog channel to keep track of the progress.

Our website is:

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day! 🙂

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