• Online Since: 2021
  • Realmtype: PvE
  • Population: 0-100
  • Realm Rates: 5-10X
  • Realm Language: German

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Dungeon Finder System is useable as solo!, NPCBots, Playerbots, AHBot
Beastmaster NPC: Choose your next pet, as a hunter.
Enchant NPC: Customize your gear quick and easy through our optimized Enchant NPC.
XP Rate NPC: Get a quick chance to change your XP rate personally. You can select several your wanted XP rate for your character.
Glyph Learner NPC: Quickly learn all your class glyphs to get started playing.
Morph NPC: Transform yourself into other models/display.
Profession NPC: Learn your preferred profession instantly.
Teleporter NPC.
Customizer NPC: Change faction, name etc., quickly from a NPC.
Gambler NPC.
Custom Transmog npc.
1v1 Arena NPC
Arena Spectator
Skirmish Arena
Arena Statistics
Mall added in Orgrimmar, Stormwind City.

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