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Legion 7.3.5 server with client download, using latest SPP updates, instant 110
Adjustable xp rates
Character migration from any server


Updated on October 4, 2020 at 11:59 am
  • Online Since: 2020
  • Population: 0-100
  • Realmlist:
  • Website: Https://
  • Realm Language: English
  • Realm Rates: 10-15X
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2 Reviews

(2.33 out of 5)
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    Not recommended

    Seems shady, and there are better options for Legion, such as WoWFreakz.

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    This is a honest Legion server

    This dev is completely open with what he uses. Has a light player pop at the lowest peak of maybe 5 and has higher at other times. The dev is very responsive and doesn’t force monetization at all. He was able to assist in a few moments and just overall a fun server. It isnt toxic and there is a dev from another scene that id parked in the channel collecting feed back for further improvement. The transparency is great and I would recommend this server to anyone wanting to jump in a new server with out worrying about a over abusive population or moderation. They offer character transfers from other server sites, just need to get a hold of them. Overall a friendly population and a kind developers and game masters who actually act like game masters. The server isn’t 100% perfect, but no legion server ever is, but there is improvement being done and feed back being responded to as well.

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