LegacyWotlk :: Blizzlike PvE Progressive Server

LegacyWotlk :: Blizzlike PvE Progressive Server

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Welcome to LegacyWotlk, WotLK enthusiast. LegacyWotlk project started on 4th of April 2020, we follow the same logic Blizzard did in their early stages of WotLK.

As you know, we host new progressive Wrath of the Lich King pve realm, whichs dedicated to the international community. Season 5 is the current PvP season and Tier 8 Ulduar is the highest raid of the PvE content.


Experience multipliers:

Base – x1
Recruit a Friend – x3 until 60 lvl
Boost – doubles your current XP rate, so you can get x2 until 80 lvl, if using Recruit a Friend x6 until 60 lvl (can be bought within the Store)
Weekend event – 50% extra experience points

Other multipliers:

Reputation – x1
Honor – x1
Gold – x1
Drop – x1
Profession – x1

Our project idea is clear, it has always been; we aim to connect as many devoted and passionate WotLK enthusiasts as possible and deliver the most complete, stable, optimized and secure WotLK experience we can. It’s your account and characters’ value, effort and time. We believe you deserve the time and the work we have invested in creating a long-term solution. Our first thought is always our community, we are nothing without you. Remember you can give us your opinion about a certain point and we will consider every suggestion.


We consider our progressive idea unique in the private servers community, thanks to the system we have implemented, Sifreldar Village has been designed with certain restrictions and features that allow the players to progress through the content making each raid / dungeon a real challenge.

There will be 4 Phases of your Character which will define the progression in Sifreldar Village Realm:

1) First phase: Tier 7 is the raids & dungeons that are unlocked in the Realm, namely Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum, Vault Of Archavon: Archavon and Malygos.

All Northrend non-heroic & 5-player heroic mode dungeons are unlocked in the Realm, except: Trial of the Champion, The Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron and The Halls of Reflection.

We have implended a Key System to Dungeons & Raids progression. For example, as soon as you reach the Level 80, you will be able to enjoy Tier 7 Naxxramas until your Character obtains Ulduar Key, then second phase – Tier 8 will be opened for you.

Q: How do I get the Ulduar Key?

A: Key drop Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas 10 / 25 man.


You will get x2 Emblem of Heroism upon completing the first random normal dungeon of the day and x2 Emblem of Valor after completing the first random heroic dungeon of the day.
You will get Emblem of Heroism upon killing any boss inside of heroic mode dungeons.
You will get Emblem of Heroism upon killing boss inside of Naxxramas 10, Obsidian Sanctum, Vault Of Archavon: Archavon and Malygos.
You will get Emblem of Valor upon killing any boss inside of Naxxramas 25.

Website – https://legacywotlk.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/legacywotlk/

Discord – https://discord.gg/vBd8R3D


Updated on October 4, 2020 at 11:53 am
  • Online Since: 2020
  • Type: PvE
  • Population: 0-100
  • Realmlist: Set Realmlist legacywotlk.com
  • Website: https://legacywotlk.com
  • Realm Language: English
  • Realm Rates: 1X


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