Legacy 3.3.5a Instant 80 Fun Realm + 1-5x Blizz Realm

  • Online Since 2021
  • Realm Type PvE, PvP
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates Instant
  • Language English

Server Description

Welcome to Legacy-WoW WOTLK 3.3.5a!

We are looking to build a long-lasting community of true WOTLK players.

We offer two different realms to fit your desires!

Discord: https://discord.gg/HhVWp59smX

Website: https://www.legacy-wow.co.uk/

—————————- Instant 80 Fun Realm —————————-

Custom Dungeons re-made and scripted to be challenging and fun!

Tier 1 – Sand Fury Set

Tier 2 – Dark Fathom Set

Tier 3 – Rage Fire Set

Tier 4 – Razor Fen Set

Tier 5 – Ulda Man Set

Tier 6 – Caverns Set

Tier 7 – Sun Temple Set

Multiple Stair challenge events!  

World Boss’s spreaded throughout Northrend!

Gnoll Patroll Event for useful Daily Tokens which can buy things like Dual-Weilding + Titan’s Grip!

Custom Chill Zone!

Vote + VIP Shops!


Donation Gear is no better than the gear you can obtain through gridning!

We will always be this way as over powered donators is just not right. 

—————————- Blizzlike Realm —————————-

We primarly focus on our Fun realm for constant updates although we strive to bring the best experience for both realms!

We are proud to offer mount training/ability at level 10! Keeping the level 40 riding the same though!

XP Rate: 1-5x (Your choice!)

Money Drop Rate: 2x

Item Drop Rate: 2x

Skill Rate: 2x

Guild Petition Req: 3 players

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