• Online Since 2022
  • Realm Type PvE
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates 5-10X
  • Language English

Server Description

Welcome to the Heron Server! / We proudly present the Heron Server to players!

Our Hungarian Legion Wow server is a privatly owned, and free to play.

Our developers and game masters are friendly and professional, and looking forward helping anyone in need.

Our rates are Blizzlike, (which means it will be) the contant is in high quality, with constant fixes day in, day out.

We hope to give the original Legion experience, to all, who wish to enjoy it.

For more information, wisit our vebsite at: http://wow.valenserver.eu, where you can find handy options like teleport hub, armory, news or our contacts, like our own discord server link.

The GMs and devs are online 24/7 to assist with any problems.

Untill the end of the test phase (2022.06.01) , the rates are 20x, as reward for the testing and reporting of the bugs.

Hope to see you in our community! Best regards: Heron server Team!

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