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Taz’dingo, friends! Gurubashi WoW is aiming to create a stable and long-lasting Vanilla WoW PvP realm which focuses on building a community of people who value integrity, healthy competition, and fair play.


Blizzlike x1. We believe maintaining the original rates is preferable in Vanilla in order to create a long lasting project. Character attachment is important and the journey matters.

Progression. Our timeline is based in the original Vanilla WoW progression — something that Blizzard didn’t implement in Classic. This timeline is an authentic and exciting way to experience the original game again.

To spice things up we’re also carefully planning to add a few more PvP features:

Low Level Battlegrounds. We are adding two new Warsong Gulch brackets, level 1 and levels 2-9.

City Ranks. Every Wednesday, after the Honor Update, 8 players, one of each race, will be granted their corresponding City Protector title. City Protectors are allowed to teleport to their homeland with a cooldown of 60 minutes. This is an original Vanilla feature Blizzard wanted to introduce but ultimately discarded. You can find more information here.

Skirmish Arenas. We are working on the implementation of Skirmish Arenas. At this moment we are using Azshara Crater to create the arena map. You will only be able to earn honor doing these arenas, they will work just as a normal Battleground, but we don’t discard adding an online ladder you will be able to check in our website.

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Updated on September 2, 2020 at 1:55 pm
  • Online Since: 2020
  • Type: PvP
  • Population: 100-500
  • Realmlist: set realmlist
  • Website:
  • Realm Language: English


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13 Reviews

(4.14 out of 5)
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    It’s a pity

    It started with potential but it ended up being buggy and imbalanced factions

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    That was promising

    This server was great at the start with close to 50:50 faction rate. But after they made faction change its now about 30:70. Many active players changed horde and now it’s not that good anymore if u wanted to play alliance side.

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    Playing on the Gurubashi WoW realm from the Launch, and my group and I never have seen so Fantastic scripting!
    Server is perfect, without Pay2Win, Blizzlike x1 realm, starting from patch 1.2 and progressing through patches ->
    So that said expect many differences from patch 1.12 (until it comes out) and enjoy the experience.
    This is our new home and we are here to stay.
    We strongly recommending this realm for all WoW Vanilla fans.
    Great job Gurubashi WoW!

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    Having a great time!

    Oooh! First F R E S H Vanilla in a long time, and I’m having a blast. Just wanted to leave a review, but now I have to get back to leveling! =)

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    Finaly fresh

    Didn’t have option earlier to join and lvl on fresh server without naxxgeared gankers before. Feels finaly fresh!

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    Seems legit

    Active, fresh realm, starting in 1.2 with good progression and itemization. Staff is active, fixing bugs. Seems good so far!

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    join the one vanilla to rule them all

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    Finally a fresh trustworthy blizzlike server post-classic

    Ever since classic came out all the good vanilla private servers shutdown. So I am excited that there will finally be a fresh server made by henhouse and turtle wow team. It is about time. Good luck guys, please give us a release date haha.

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    Fresh When?

    Finally a Blizzlike Vanilla server, we need an alternative to classic and we need it NOW!

  • thumb

    Looking Forward for it

    Hopefully it turns good after the disappointment classic is ♥

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    Honestly, I didn’t plan to make any comments, but I must admit that this sounds really, really good.
    I hope it turns out well! Best of luck.

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    Looking promising!

    I’ll keep an eye on you guys! 5 stars for a pretty branding.

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