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Gorehowl – Realm First! Practice Server

  • Online Since 2022
  • Realm Type PvE, PvP
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates 1X
  • Language English

Server Description



Realm First! Practice Server

Prepare for the epic Northrend adventure and dominate your realm







Play from level 1 in preparation of fresh WotLK realms or choose to jump straight into Northrend leveling and receive the following:

  • Character boost to Level 70
  • Death Knights can skip quest line and also instantly boost to 70
  • Full Phase 4 BiS gear (varies by class and chosen role)
  • All of the necessary gems and enchants
  • Weapon Skills increased to skill level 350
  • …more

*NPC available in each starting zone will grant you a free boost upon request.




Discover the best leveling route to become the Realm First! Level 80, craft your way to one of the Realm First! Grand Master achievements and gather your guildmates to join the race for the rarest titles in the game.


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