• Online Since 2023
  • Realm Type Custom, PvE, PvP
  • Population 5000+
  • Realm Rates 1X
  • Language English

Server Description

Welcome to join Golden Plain-1.121 nostalgia level 60


Open internal test on February 3, 2023


Official website of the game: http://www.i-wow.cn/


WeChat official account: Silver Dawn Nostalgic Warcraft


Koko social group: https://kook.top/rB9yJO


The server is one time of the official retro, original, green public service, pure version.


The first stage of the opening of the 45-level server is synchronized with the official year!


There are no items that affect the balance of the server. It is suitable for players to support the aged and play for a long time. Welcome to settle in




Current version 1.02 Mystery of Maradon Level 45



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