Level Cap: 60
Custom Content

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PM: Reven#4120

We seek to develop the essential ‘meta’ of the game in order to deliver a whole new experience for Wow fans who are fed up with Blizzard. Those who have grown tired of the abysmal state of the game in Retail, and also those who do not want to repeat the same old Classic content.

Bare in mind that although we do plan to return to level 60, this is by no means a ‘Vanilla+’ or even a ‘Wrath+’ project. We want to provide a different experience of the game altogether by fundamentally redesigning certain elements of the game, whilst bringing back the same elements that made it enjoyable to begin with. In a sense you could say this is a custom expansion, an alternate post-Wrath timeline where the Cataclysm never happened.


Updated on September 8, 2020 at 12:51 am
  • Online Since: 2020
  • Type: Custom
  • Population: 0-100

Available Realms

This will be the original 3.3 custom realm. x1 rates are equivalent to custom content


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    Gonna be lit. Finally high elves!

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    Seems Cool

    I have seen the previews and the server looks like it could be amazing. But there is not enough info out there yet. Needs some videos and a trailer. Looking forward to it!

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