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Duskhaven – Smolderthorn (Vanilla+)

  • Online Since 2022
  • Realm Type Custom, PvE
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates 2-5X
  • Language English

Server Description

Duskhaven is a custom PTE+ and Vanilla+ Server which expands upon the best versions of WoW adding features like reworked Classes and new specializations, Custom Raids and Dungeons, Mythic+ and new Lore-filled Questlines.


* XP: 2x (1x is also available)
* Reputation: x1.5
* Drop: x1.25
* Profession: x2


Realm Type
– PvE


General Information

– Leveling will see similiar changes as with our PTE+ Realm which means that there will be voiced Custom Questlines for many zones and reworked/custom Dungeons, as a result the Experience multiplier is way lower.

– New Rogue Specialization: Demon Hunter. This Specialization has its own Questline to unlock and starts at Level 55

(Demon Hunters are only available for Night and Blood Elves)

– New Priest Specialization: Monk. The Priest gains new melee-abilities which scale with your Spell Power.  (This Specialization can choose between DPS and Tanking)

– Azshara Crater will be available next to Molten Core once it releases.

– Karazhan Crypt will be available next to Naxxramas once it releases.

– New Class and Race Combinations (ex. Dwarf Shamans and Tauren Paladins)

– More Mythic+ Dungeons then originally

– A Scarlet Crusade Raid and the Emerald Dream Raid are available sometime after Naxxramas

– The new Mythic+ System from our PTE+ Realm will be used for Vanilla
(Visit our Website to see how the Mythic+ System functions)

– Content will be released at a much slower pace then originally

– Heirlooms and the Class Trainer Pet are not available on this Realm

– Classes will have the same Adjustments as on the PTE Realm (With the exception of the last 2 Class Spells)

Will the Realm progress into TBC once it has run its course?

The Realm will always stay at Level 60 and expands upon Vanilla Content.

However, a 3rd Realm which offers TBC+ Content might be opened up sometime later.

Is there a Beta?

Players can already connect to the second Realm and play the Beta.

Are there any rewards for Beta Testers?

Players which participate in the Beta Test gain access to a custom ground Mount which is account-bound and scales with your Riding Level.

The Beta is divided into following multiple Phases:

– Week 1: Questing and Leveling

– Week 2: Class Testing (Demon Hunters and Monks)

– Week 3: Mythic+ and Raid Testing

The official release is set for early/mid November.


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