• Online Since 2022
  • Realm Type Custom, PvE, PvP, RP
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates 2-5X
  • Language English

Server Description

This coming December 3 we will have the opening of the ALPHA realm for all those who wish to test a 5.4.8 mop with a staff dedicated to give the best gameplay.

The realm will be.

Missions x2 (in the opening weekends X4)

Professions x1

Deaths x1

Loot x1

Reputations X1

We will have: Full store usage (will be limited to the opening).

Vip system (no pay to win).

Bunty Hunter System (mercenary, you can send to kill other players).

Own Timewalker

Panda starting zone – working.

Worgen starting zone – working.

Goblins starting zone – working.

DeathKnight zone – working.

Chain of missions to Pandaria for both factions – working.

Timeless island – working.

Farms – working.

Battlepets and related missions – working.

Thunder Island – working.

Siege of Orgrimmar – working.

Battlefields – working (Tol’barad and Conquest to be checked).

Custom Transfigurator – working.

Crossfaction – working.

Duel talent reset – working.

Legendary Cloak quest chain – working.

World bosses – working.

Solium of Thunder – working.

Warlock’s green fire – working.

Fight Club – working.

Island of the giants – working.

World and PvE content from previous expansions – working.

Class and racial spells – working.

Discord https://discord.gg/pbQYpNJb5U

You are invited by Staff: Dark Site

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