Dreadnaught – Classic Plus Blizzlike content Highrate optional Instant 60 – NEW

Dreadnaught – Classic Plus Blizzlike content Highrate optional Instant 60 – NEW

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New Realm project launched JAN 1 2021

Welcome to Dreadnaught (PvP) Classic WoW+ 1.12.1 blizzlike-custom realm. A speedy route to 60. 3x exp kills, 7x exp quests, 1x drop rates, 5x money. Optional classic heirloom items added to the game to ease the curve with high-rate leveling. Mount at level 1. Plans to expand into Classic+ content over time but the overall goal is to Keep it Classic… Patch 1.12 with all of Blizzard’s raids open(MC BWL AQ NAXX Fully scripted). Moving right into Classic+ progressive released content. Character database will never be reset. Anything earned in beta stays including initial free offers! Hot-fixes are always live and happening daily. Currently: 5 man raids & All Soloable dungeons, temporary global HP & Damage nerfs to elites.

Join Dreadnaught (PvP) to chill out and get away from retail, relax with limited time instant level 60 and one-time only items like Diablo Stone, Panda Collar and Zergling Leash. Release-only mounts and more gifts from a vendor today. Raid-5man content and solo dungeons to get geared or complete our questlines for great solo play. All with a perfect blend into the game.

-Mount at level 1
-Max 3 primary professions
-New normal & hidden quests
-Blizzlike-custom progressive content release
-Azshara Crater world PvPvE Zone, heavy in crafting materials
-Gear vendors for gold (earned gold – easy rates)
-Increased leveling rates & optional instant 60 (kill royal guards if u instant 60)
-Mount Hyjal & Karazhan PvPvE outdoor raids (WIP)



Updated on January 13, 2021 at 11:42 am
  • Online Since: 2021
  • Type: PvP
  • Population: 0-100
  • Realmlist: set realmlist classicplus.ddns.net
  • Website: https://www.classicwowplus.com
  • Realm Language: English
  • Realm Rates: 2-5X
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