• Online Since: 2021
  • Realmtype: PvE, PvP
  • Population: 100-500
  • Realm Rates: 1X
  • Realm Language: English

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3.3.5a Twink-progressive NO-PROFIT server with 100% open-source development.

1 Review

(5 out of 5)
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    Development team, that does his work.

    To be honest, if you are looking for server with ideal population level, Chromiecraft is not a choice at all.
    But to be honest once again, Chromiecraft development team has ambition to solve every wotlk bug and as a bonus, all on open source level.
    They have already made solutions for all of mine bugtracker issues.
    Doing things this way, one day they will have bug free wotlk private server. Other private servers only two options. First: They will solve bugs on their own. Second option: They will become copy of Chromiecraft.
    If you consider playing here, my in-game name is “Claymore”, hope we will meet there. 🙂

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