Atlantiss is one of the oldest server projects in the community, hosting and polishing servers of different expansions across the years. It is a place to relive memories and reconnect with old friends or befriend new ones. As members, we are a group of fans of the game, a group which relishes a chance to recall old days and strives to provide a leading content quality.


Updated on May 11, 2020 at 9:11 am
  • Online Since: 2012
  • Type: PvP
  • Client Type: Normal
  • Population: 1000-2000
  • Realmlist: set realmlist
  • Website:

Available Realms

Netherwing is a game server based on The Burning Crusade expansion, offering Blizzlike progression and quality never seen on a private server before. This server is part of Progress Through Expansions system (

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    PersonaL view

    Corrupted and racist staff, full of themselves. Cancerous community, overtuned content destroying balancing classes in a raid. If you are warlock or hunter you will get spot, if you are prot warrior you are left in dust in t5…DodgyKebab said it himself, avoid…

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    Quality and stability is very well. But the team doesn’t seem to stick to their philosophy:
    They anounced themselves as a blizzlike realm, that is going to progress through expansions and that they wouldn’t care much about the “F R E S H” hype.
    Now it turned out to be an instant-level-58 realm, that releases “F R E S H” and does not have any roadmap regarding expansion upgrade.

    So be aware, they don’t stick to they priciniples, but rather follow the money. Sound more like Activisionlike than Blizzlike.
    You might end up finding yourself on a type of server that you initially didn’t decide for.

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