• Online Since: 2012
  • Realmtype: PvP
  • Population: 2000-5000
  • Realm Rates: 2-5X
  • Realm Language: English

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Atlantiss is one of the oldest server projects in the community, hosting and polishing servers of different expansions across the years. It is a place to relive memories and reconnect with old friends or befriend new ones. As members, we are a group of fans of the game, a group which relishes a chance to recall old days and strives to provide a leading content quality.

Atlantiss has released a new TBC Private Server. The name of the realm is called Karazhan. It had a high launch of 5000-8000 players online, on their Burning Crusade realm. However, as good things usually have an end, it decreased in population, and is by the end of november 2020, now laying at around ~~ 2900 during best peak times. Prepare yourself for a TBC server that is said to be one of the best TBC servers around. The feedback from the players have been very positive. Cross the Dark Portal and stop the Burning Legion from extinguishing all life on Azeroth.

Their TBC 2.4.3 Karazhan Realm is fully Blizzlike progression, x2 experience rate for 1-58 and x1 till level 70.

5 Reviews

(2 out of 5)
  • Not great

    The scripting is fine, it doesn’t seem to stand out from any other TBC server out there.
    They keep saying how the server is Blizzlike, but they have added in many features that goes against that.
    There is a shop that over reaches, too much advertisement of it and pushing in your face about it. They will be moving to Wrath, and then Cata so this will not be a “permanent” or “long term” home for you if you are wanting a server that is going to stay online, and active for TBC.
    As of right now, the instant 58 feature is gone, but they are going to be bringing it back once progression has ended, or the player base starts to shrink.
    There are more visual, and physical problems on this server than on any other TBC server I’ve played.

    In the end, this one should be avoided unless you want a fake blizzlike TBC server that in a year will be gone.
    The overall stability of the server is fine, you don’t get disconnected very often, even during peak time.

  • GMS killed this server. Go play endless.


    This server had a promising start. The GM’s have killed their own server pushing cash shop xp boost and removing attunements, making pvp terrible and world chat overly filtered by gms. Terrible server, this server has killed off their own promising playerbase. Waste of time, go play endless.

  • Not bad

    It’s been nice. Leveling was 2x to 58 (I actually thought it continued to 70, but could be off). Most people seem to rush to 70, so pre-70 bgs are unavailable sadly. But you can find a dungeon group fairly easily.

    Diverse server that’s on EU time. Most people are pretty friendly. Have only encountered very few mostly minor bugs.

    Am just now hitting raiding readiness so can’t speak to that. Dungeons/heroics have been fine.

    Pvp is better than it was on Kronos (vanilla pvt server). It actually has the population to support full games of every BG, although in off-peak hours there aren’t enough people, and you get 3 minute AV’s, which I’m not a fan of. World pvp is weirdly nonexistent for the most part. There’s some kind of unspoken truce. I’ve always loved Wpvp, but it was kind of relaxing not being bothered while leveling honestly. Now that I’ve hit 70, sparks fly in farming spots sometimes.

    Supported through donations, which can buy experience boosts, and cosmetics, mounts, pets, etc. Doesn’t impact gameplay at all so not a big deal to me.

    GM’s have replied to my 3 tickets relatively quickly so far, and been pleasant overall. They’ll reportedly help you if you get scammed and have screenshots.

    They’re progressing through TBC patches in a blizzlike fashion.

    I will mention that it doesn’t have the naming restrictions that blizzard has which leads to some interesting ones. And there are more ‘ironic’ racists and garbage in chat sometimes than I’d like to see, but it’s not an everyday thing.

    Overall it’s actually got a decent population and is pretty active. Off peak times can be a little dead.

  • PersonaL view


    Corrupted and racist staff, full of themselves. Cancerous community, overtuned content destroying balancing classes in a raid. If you are warlock or hunter you will get spot, if you are prot warrior you are left in dust in t5…DodgyKebab said it himself, avoid…

  • blizzlike?


    Quality and stability is very well. But the team doesn’t seem to stick to their philosophy:
    They anounced themselves as a blizzlike realm, that is going to progress through expansions and that they wouldn’t care much about the “F R E S H” hype.
    Now it turned out to be an instant-level-58 realm, that releases “F R E S H” and does not have any roadmap regarding expansion upgrade.

    So be aware, they don’t stick to they priciniples, but rather follow the money. Sound more like Activisionlike than Blizzlike.
    You might end up finding yourself on a type of server that you initially didn’t decide for.

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