• Online Since 2019
  • Realm Type PvE
  • Population 0-100
  • Realm Rates 1X
  • Language Russian

Server Description

Argast’s developement started over 1 year ago. Currently we’re planing on lots of updates. We’re aiming for a friendly community where you can hang up with other players and have fun. We want you to feel like its your home.
Lots annoying bugs got fixed such as the well-known “Combat Bug” in some raids and dungeons. No more game crashes. Re-scripted Dungeon/Raids and also quest chains and dialogues, which are fully working now. High quality gameplay.
Another important thing is – we believe that the game is a journey, not a destination.  We believe that characters should earn things and be proud of real achievements. We believe that giving credits just for participating in game is not healthy for the game itself and for the community. So here, on WotLK x1 “The Blood Furnace” realm, we bring back the meaning and value of things. So come and join us!


Services such as Character Boosts, Name Change, Faction Change.
Premiun Account Subscription.
Mounts, Weapons, Armors.

A fully working Voting System which rewards you Points.

Anti-Cheat System:
A fully working Anti-Cheat System, that will detect any cheats.
You’ll get punished if you use any software that gives you advantages over other players.

The Blood Furnace Blizzlike Realm Rates: (x1)
Experience: x1
Reputation: x1
Profession: x1
Honor: x1

Stat Boost Removed,
only avaible on our x100 Realm.
Quick Description: Since the x100 Realm is a PVP based realm, we used to add an feature that boosts your Stats in dungeons or Raids dramatically. This feature is not permanent and only active during a certain time or day. Doing Raids on the high rate realm is just a quick way to prepare your character for PvP.

Transmogrification: Avaible on both realms.
One of the most popular features has been added with new options. The restriction on the type of armore were removed. You’re also able to transmog legendary items such as the Blades of Azzinoth.

Guild Rating
A special NPC has been added to the game, which accepts certain in-game currency such as Honor Points and Emblems in exchange for guild experience. The Development of your guild is granting all members advantages in form of hidden perks and bonuses like increased kill experience and completing quests and discounts at some vendors and so on.

Premium Account
We added a Premium Account System, which has been build as balanced as possible. It doesn’t provide any P2W benefits. The Premium Account grants the owner a small experience bonus (kill, reputation and honor points. Additional functions such as instant bank access, teleport to your capital city and the ability to use a mount at low levels.

Our dedicated team of Developers work countless hours to provide you with a very stable server environment and concentrating on PVE Encounters/Instances scripting to match Blizzard Standards while giving Quests and Game Mechanics a top priority.

Our Gamemasters/Staff come from Different Time Zones and available at all times to assist our players.

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