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Update to 10.1.5


Dragonflight.su - First Dragonflight Private Server in WoW

Published by dragonflightsu8/27/2023  |  

Dear players! The game world has been successfully updated to 10.1.5 (50747). What did this update bring, in addition to changing the version of the game? Let's briefly go over the changes:

  • Moving the server to one of the best data centers in the Europe.

  • Dozens of fixes that aim to improve server stability.

  • Fixed annoying bugs related to the phases, for example, in the starting quest chain of the Dracthyr or on Exile's Reach.

  • Fixing issues with various quests in the Dragon Isles.

  • Improving the performance of the starting chain of Demon Hunters.

  • Improving the performance of many classes (currently not significant, a couple of spells / talents for a particular class).

  • Added the ability to participate in the battlefields.

  • Opening raid dungeons Vault of the Incarnates and Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible (partial scripting).

  • Adding a new quests.

  • Garrisons

  • Improved population.

  • The return of our Discord bot, which will not only help you monitor the status of the server in ⁠server-status , but also help game masters to help players with a particular problem without entering the game.

IMPORTANT! Connection to the game world. In order to join the game world, you need to download the new Arctium Launcher from the link: https://dragonflight.su/ArctiumWoWLauncher.zip Please note that your client version must match ours. If you are using a minimal client or have previously downgraded the version, you can download special files from the link: https://dragonflight.su/df_update_files.zip, which you need to place in the replacement game folder. Please note that the first launch of the game will be long. We wish you a pleasant game!

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