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The Referral program has arrived


Hellgarve Dragonflight

Published by Shaxx7/21/2023  |  

We have a new promotion that will last until the end of October!

We have activated the Hellgarve Referral Program, applicable for now in Sargeras - Legion.

But it can be transfered to your Dragonflight account!

Open to get more information about the promotion: 


It will allow you, our community, to be part of a referral database in order to obtain donation points, performing tasks for obtaining achievements and completing objectives made by our team of Administrators.

You will be our exclusive promoters of Hellgarve and you will invite your friends and whoever you want in exchange for donation points.  

We will give you 1 donation point for each player invited. If you reach the goals, we will double your donation points. (Check attached files)

Individual players, streamers and guilds looking to move to our server will be able to participate.  

In case of guild : If you join Sargeras - Legion you and your first 10 members will receive 1 mount and 1 gift toy (being 1 per account).

You can then, spend your points here :  


And donate here to get more :  


The more you invite, the more points you will have!


Get your points now! 

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