ICC normal mode release!

Saurfang – Deathbringer Published by saurfang
October 5, 2022

⚔️ Brave champions!⚔️

The time has come, to push forward to the evil within the Icecrown Citadel!
Are you ready for the madness which awaits you?
ICC normal mode will release on Sunday the 9th of October at 5pm UTC.
Further on server will shut down for maintenance at 2pm UTC and will then fire up again with the release of ICC normal mode.

🎁Here are the updates and content waiting for you:🎁

New catch-up scenario for Healer classes to obtain the Hammer of Val’anyr. New Raid Content (ICC normal mode) fully available! 25 man loot inside 10 man Raid instance. New currencies: Vanity and Event Emblems New customizations! Custom wings, retroported mounts and more! Repeatable quests for the raids to obtain Vanity Emblems. Other various new features and changes. What are you waiting for? Your journey starts NOW!

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