Duskhaven WotLK Trailer

August 13, 2022

Duskhaven is a custom PTE+ Server which expands upon the best versions of WoW adding features like reworked Classes and new specializations, Mythic+, Heroic/Mythic Raids and New Quests.

Most noteworthy features are:

*  Custom Raids such as Azshara Crater and Karazhan Crypt
*  New Lore-Filled Voiced Questlines and Cutscenes
*  Reworked Classes and new Specializations
*  Mythic+
*  Heroic and Mythic Raids.
*  Several new Raid and Mythic+ Dungeon Bosses
*  Over 500 New Quests and over 1000 new Creatures
*  Crossfaction Gameplay.
*  Timewalking.
*  Reworked Tier Sets
*  New Achievements
*  The Option to Level with 1x Rates for exclusive Rewards
*  Reworked Dalaran including the Violet Hold Dungeon
*  Brawlers Guild. Solo PvE matches in which the players must adapt and use different strategies depending on which opponent they are currently facing.
*  New Collections Tab
*  Legion-like Version of a Mage Tower
*  Retail-like Version of Professions ex. Outland Mining, Northrend Herbalism.

Make sure to join our https://discord.gg/raXAJyqRUe to get more Information on our progress, content and share your interest, or give feedback! The official release is on the 7th September!


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