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Iron Forges | Progressive | 1x

Published by [email protected]7/1/2023  |  


▪ Main information of the realm are: blizzlike, progressive, exp 1x (weekends 2x), NPC transmogrification, cross-faction, votes with rewards, item shop and teleportation center on the site.

▪ Our realm is blizzlike, completely progressive and it is highly recommended that you visit our page related to this progression system to check all the information regarding the current phase of our progressive system by clicking here.

▪ Please note that our goal is to build a long-term server and give people time to develop it first, which is why our progressive system takes even longer than many other private servers.

▪ As said before, on this server you will have time to cultivate a real reputation, a profession, a lot of gold, and you will have the opportunity to make your character completely stronger for the next level of progression.

▪ Even so, in case you want another different way of playing, we've just made available the challenge modes, which consist - in addition to the progressive system above, in which everyone is subject -, new challenges. To see them, click here and find out about this new way of playing.

▪ Every Monday, Brazilian time, especially in the morning, some kind of maintenance can be performed on the realms. The expectation is that everything will be fast and no one will notice. Such situations may occur updates, bug fixes and service improvements.


Vmaps - Exact collision data.
Mmaps (Movement Maps) - Accurate line-of-sight checks and creature movement paths.
Anticheat - Subtle Anticheat system.
Anti-DDoS - Multiple active layers of protection, we are ready to deal with all types of attacks.


▪ A year has passed, a year full of challenges, of ups and downs, but also of many achievements. We've come this far together, through storms and overcoming obstacles. The first year of our private World of Warcraft server, Iron-Old, is a cause for pride and celebration.

▪ On this journey, we faced moments when we thought about giving up, closing the doors, but something moved us to continue. The love, dedication and loyalty of our players has given us the strength to move forward. And here we are, stronger than ever.

▪ Being part of Iron-Old isn't just playing a game, it's being part of a community. We are a united community, with different people, but with a common goal: to make our server even better.

▪ In this first year, we achieved victories in all aspects. We overcome technical issues, adjust rules, listen to feedback and evolve. Each achievement is cause for celebration, as it represents the collective effort and dedication of each member of Iron-Old.

▪ Today, we look back and reflect on everything we've been through. The moments of frustration, the sleepless nights to solve problems, the accelerated thinking in search of a solution to problems. These experiences shaped our server and strengthened the bonds between us.

▪ As we move into another year of adventures, we hope that the union that sustains us and makes us grow is ever more powerful. May we support each other, share our passions and build an even stronger community.

▪ Today, we celebrate our first anniversary with joy and gratitude. We thank every player, every member of the current and past team, every person who contributed to Iron-Old's success. Together, we are the essence of this server, and it is with enthusiasm that we move forward.

▪ Happy birthday, Iron-Old! Here's to more years of adventures, challenges and victories. We are ready to face the future together, determined to make our server an even more amazing place. May the journey continue and may we celebrate many more birthdays full of achievements.

▪ Thank you all for being part of this incredible story!


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