Mond-WoW Published by mond2wow
September 1, 2022
Changelog for DonationStore:

– internal refactoring of code – now removes all items from previous VIP Set on upgrade (some were left in bags/bank) – refunds 50% of gems (Silver-Dream Gem) for upgraded items on VIP-Upgrade, valid for up to [email protected] of same VIP (no refund for chance gems) -> higher upgraded items than your current VIP will not be deleted – display DP cost of Full Talents & Titan’s Grip now – fix system-message error when purchasing Full Talents – refund all gems on gear (meta, yellow, red, blue…)

Changelogg for item upgrader :

-keeps Gems on gears -Doesnt use chance gem if its 100%

Changelog for VIP accounts :

VIP accounts get +10 talent points now.

Changelog for xmog-item vendor:

You can now use enchant’s visuals on your weapon

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