SoloQueue – now available on all WoTLK realms :P

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Greetings Warmane community,

As you might have noticed after the most recent restart on our Wrath of the Lich King realms, Icecrown and Lordaeron, we enabled the function of SoloQueue. This enables you to queue as a single player and the system will match you up with two other players and allow you to step into the 3v3 environment right away without having to spend time finding allies that share the same convictions as you.

Players of the Blackrock realm are familiar with the system and it has been one of the most popular ways to play PvP for years so we are convinced that players that dabble in PvP will enjoy it on Icecrown and Lordaeron. We are running it as a trial period on both of these realms and based on the feedback on the realms and within this thread, we will decide whether it will remain as a permanent feature. This does not mean the disappearance of the 5v5 bracket, as players who want to play 5v5 will be able to simply opt out of the system and all features, including the NPC used for queing, will be entirely invisible.

Composition: 1 Healer – 2 DPS
Crossrealm enabled. All players queing will have access to all players on all three of our WoTLK realms.
Arena points earned are equivalent to 2v2 amount. Similarly, the game will behave like you are in a 2v2 regular team, therefore in order to obtain items that require a certain 3v3 rating, you will actually have to play in a regular 3v3 team.
DuoQueue: If you already have a friend, both of you can queue up as a party and in moments you will be fighting in a challenging environment.
The system requires you to be geared up and ready for arena.

We will take all relevant feedback seriously, so voice your opinion here in the thread, it will be the deciding factor whether this will become a permanent feature.

Kind regards,

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