Zremax is a platform for WoW Private Server Owners, and WoW Players. The players can find WoW Servers, and the WoW Owners can list their server, and get more traffic/players. We were founded in 2020, and are working on expanding. Our goal is to be the #1 resource for finding and listing WoW Private Servers. If you have suggestions, we are always ready to listen. We can get found on Zremax Discord.

There are two ways to get your servers at the top of the listing at Zremax.


  1. To get your server at the very top (above any other server), it’s necessary to be FEATURED. You can learn how to get FEATURED by clicking – Zremax FEATURED
  2. In order to bump your server to the top (below the featured servers though), you can use the free “Bump” feature. As example, if you are at the bottom of page 1, or even page 2, the Bump feature will bring you up again. As a result, more visitors will see your server listing before other listed servers. The bump feature is available to use for free at any time. It’s possible to use once every 24-hour.
    You will see a green “Bump” button in your Controlpanel, at your listed server, or at the frontpage, on your server-listing.

Zremax is all-in for a fair concept, hence we introduced and implemented the bump feature, which makes it possible.

We recommend linking your listing at Zremax on your website. It will allow your players to visit your listed server with us, and allow them to rate your server, and make a comment.
Ratings and comments are a very good way for people to find your server through us, and it will make it stand out.

It’s very straight forward to link your server from Zremax at your website. You can do it by posting a link on your website, such as:
Note: Be sure to edit the last part (Server-Name) to the actual URL, such as Frost-WoW as example.

HTML version:
It’s important you change the URL to match your server-post at Zremax.

FEATURED is a paid membership, where you are paying for 30 days (or more), of membership. The featured membership is beneficial for server-owners, who has a server listed at Zremax.

Being featured gives the following benefits:

  1. Sticky – Your server will be listed in the top. This means that your listing will be ahead of all the other servers.
  2. Glowing effects – Your server will have glowing effects around it, so that it grants more attention.
  3. Filters – Your server will also appear in the top on the filters, as long as it fits it.

The price of FEATURED is 10$ / month. Discounts can be given upon purchases of several months.

You can purchase the FEATURED by heading to the server-panel, and then pressing on “Actions” on the right side, and then pressing “Upgrade to FEATURED”.
The server panel can get found here: https://zremax.com/my-servers/

After getting to the server-panel, you will find the “Actions” button in the right side, as on the screenshot below:

Example between a featured (first), and non-featured server (second).

As a server owner, listing your WoW Private Server at Zremax is useful in several ways. Let’s go through the benefits of how your WoW Server can get found!

  1. It gives you more players for your server. We have many players visiting our website. There’s a good amount of chance that your server might be attractive to some of the players!
  2. People find your listed server through our search-system. Explaination: We can see that quite a lot of our visitors, who are looking for a server, are using our search-system. They search on concepts like “blizzlike” and other things. Your server will be listed as a result, in case it fits.
  3. It benefits your Google ranking. By listing your server at Zremax, you get a backlink to your website. Our website is highly ranked, and will therefore give your website more trust! This means that people can find your server in the Google ranking as well.
  4. You have a statistics-page. That’s right. We give you the full control to manage your listing, to see how it performs. You can always check how many views and website-clicks that your server has. That way, you can also change and improve your styling and post-text.
  5. It’s free. It costs nothing, and your server can get submitted within 5 minutes. It’s all under your control!
  6. Featured option. In case that you would like to take the extra step, you can use the paid option. Being a featured server gives you some benefits. The main difference is that your server will be at the very top. It will last as long as you have paid for, and this goes for the relevant results. On top of that, it will highlight your server with special color-effect, to stand out and give additional attention.

Zremax is a relatively new project. This means that we’re working our way up. Luckily, it’s going fast, and we hope you would like to be a part of it!
For each week, we can see a good grow on our website. We get more visitors, we get more listed-servers, and the listed-servers gets more views & clicks.

We are always working on growing even further. If you have suggestions or potential partnership-offers, don’t forget to contact us!

At Zremax, we are tired of outdated websites listing World of Warcraft Private Servers. Therefore, we provide a unique and updated concept. At Zremax you will find a list of WoW PServers, and you will also be able to filter it. Specify your requirements, your preferences, and we serve you with the best results.

Zremax is not just another website-list/topsite. Unlike the known “topsites”, we aren’t affected by vote manipulation. Claimer: If you didn’t know, most of the topsites, like Xtremetop100.com are affected by vote manipulation. The server-owners get in top by using vote bots. This means that the top servers aren’t necessarily the right choice for you. We are also tired of the fact that it’s hard to filter the servers on these sites. That’s all changed at Zremax; it’s fast, honest, modern and easy with us. We are honest, and we have a designed rating and review system, to help you get a proper view of the servers.

Zremax has decided to only support World of Warcraft. As a result, you will only find World of Warcraft related content on our website.
More specific, it’s related WoW Private Server related-content, also known as fan-servers.

The primary focus will be listing WoW Private Servers, where the players can find their next server, and server-owners can get more traffic/players. As a side focus, we have a blog page, where we attempt to create useful content. Not just another article, but a well-documented and researched one. As example, we provide download-links to each game expansion. While we do this, we research everything about it, and make sure to gather the best ones, and write about it. We will also have blog-posts about exciting features on the existing WoW Private Servers, blog-posts about your best options on specific expansions, and much more!

Zremax has a lot to offer Server-Owners. The most important feature is that you can list your WoW Server (for free) on Zremax, and get interested players/visitors on Zremax, to start joining your server.

Zremax is a platform for WoW Players. The majority are looking for World of Warcraft Fan-servers, also known as private servers. At Zremax we provide the players with a relevant list of servers to choose between. If you own a WoW Server yourself, we recommend taking the time and adding your server on our list. It’s free, it takes less than 5 minutes.

Tips when you add your server
Keep in mind that it’s real-players. Meaning, the better your server-post is, the more likely it is to gain attention. The players want to see an appealing server-text, some screenshots, a list of your features, and a welcoming text. After submitting your server, we also recommend linking the listing at Zremax, on your Website. This way, your players can make a comment and rate the server on our list. This will make server stand-out, and really does a difference.
It’s very simple to link your server-post from Zremax at your website. It can get done by posting a link on your website, and simply posting the link, such as:
Note: Make sure to change the last-part (Server-Name) to the actual URL, such as Turtle-WoW, as example.

HTML version:
Again, make sure to change to the actual URL of your server-post at Zremax.

Other features
Zremax has a lot more to offer! Keep on reading for rest of the tips.
– We have a Control Panel, after you have listed your server. Here, you can find relevant information such as editing your server here, as well as finding an analytics page, containing a lot of interesting statistics, such as visits and views.

As a WoW Player, there are a lot of benefits to find on Zremax! The main goal on Zremax is to provide you with a ton of updated and good World of Warcraft Fan-servers that you can play on.
We do realize that it can be hard to filter between servers. You may ask yourself; “which server should I pick?”. Due to that, we have designed our system at Zremax to be very flexible. With us, you can filter servers based on Expansion, Server-type, Population, Status (released/beta). On top of that, you can also filter on features, eg. “Blizzlike”, “Increased Rates”, “Custom Content”. At the search bar, you can also search for specific content, eg. “solo player”, then all WoW Private Servers that have a solo player concept, will appear.

We really want to make sure you only view servers that are relevant to you and your favorite server-type.

We have also written detailed and long articles such as “Best Wotlk Private Server” with the most popular servers, that may benefit you as well. It’s an in-depth article, to make sure we cover everything from A-to-Z.

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