PvP in WoW Cataclysm

With Cataclysm, Blizzard has also provided PvP players with new content. In addition to some changes to the PvP system, the new AddOn also brings two new battlefields, new PvP equipment and a new OpenWorld battlefield. In addition, the emblem and point of honor or arena point system is revised: Since Cataclysm there are only points of honor and conquest.

Ranked battlegrounds

One of the biggest PvP innovations in Cataclysm are the so-called “Rated Battlegrounds”. Unlike before, you will be able to earn points of conquest as well as honor in these rated battlegrounds. However, the amount of conquest points that can be earned in this way per week is limited. As in the arena, there will be a personal and a group rating.

The respective rated battlefield changes every week – there, and only there – you can then collect conquest points (apart from the arena, of course). To join a ranked battlefield, you must register as a group. As with the arena system, the matchmaking of the rated battlefields uses the ELO rating system, which was introduced 40 years ago in chess and has since been adopted in many other sports.

In addition to the points, there is more than fame to be won. Epic ground mounts and achievements for the guild or your own character will be as much a target of desire as the reintroduced PvP titles of the old ranking system.

PvP Title

With Cataclysm, the honorary titles from WoW Classic have found their way back into the game. If you are busy on the rated battlefields, you have the chance to call yourself Blade of the Horde or Captain. Unlike what was initially announced, you don’t have to have any particular successes in the battlefields apart from a certain rating. It is enough if you have reached the threshold in the personal and team evaluation.

  • Rating 1100: Private – Scout
  • Scoring 1200: Grunt
  • Rating 1300: Sergeant
  • Score 1400: Senior Sergeant
  • Rating 1500: First Sergeant
  • Rating 1600: Lieutenant – Stone Guard
  • 1700 rating: Captain – Blood Guard
  • Rating 1800: Cuirassier – Wrath Bringer
  • 1900: Knight of the Alliance – Blade of the Horde
  • Rating 2000: Feldkommandant – Feldherr
  • Rating 2100: Rittmeister – Sturmreiter
  • 2200 rating: Marshal – Warlord
  • Rating 2300: Field Marshal – Warlord
  • Rating 2400: Grand Marshal – Supreme Warlord

The titles are not reset at the end of an arena season. Once you have acquired the right to wear a certain title, you can always fall back on it. Note, however, that you can only display the highest rank you have earned. For example, if you want to be named a Knight of the Alliance, you must not fight too many rated battlefields.

 New open battlefield: Tol Barad

With World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Tol Barad has become an open battlefield. There is a regular battle between the Horde and the Alliance for supremacy on the island, similar to Lake Thousand Winter. It is important to conquer control points. If a faction occupies all control points, it has won and is rewarded with an area full of daily quests, special traders and a (PvE) raid instance.

Not new, but only since the last major content patch from Wrath of the Lich King, the open battlefields are limited. A system will now, like in the “normal” battlefields, balance the players on each side. With that, the times of triple superpowers are probably finally over.

The Battle for Tol Barad

Tol Barad is an archipelago off the coast of Gilneas that consists of two parts, but for the sake of simplicity it is simply called Tol Barad and the Tol Barad Peninsula. The battle for the island and its treasures takes place on the main island. In addition to the actual fortress, which is located directly in the middle (Baradin Fortress), there are a total of six other structures.

As in Wintergrasp, additional towers and walls are drawn here

Clockwise from the north are the Ironclad Garrison, East Spire, Slagworks, South Spire, Warden’s Vigil and West Spire. You can win the battle by controlling the Garrison, Slagworks and Warden’s Vigil at the same time. Control is gained, as in the Arathi Basin or Eye of the Storm, via presence on the object.

The battle is scheduled to take 30 minutes, but the destruction of the towers can add 3 minutes each. 60 minutes after a battle has ended, you can prove your skills again.

The Tol Barad peninsula

There are a number of daily quests to be completed on the Tol Barad Peninsula. There are a total of 22 tasks waiting for you to complete. In addition to simple quests to kill certain opponents, you can expect the typical collecting quests, which have not only been completed regularly since Quel’Danas. One of them is also designed as a group quest!

The Battle for Gilneas

The first new battlefield is the battle for Gilneas. Like the Warsong Gorge, you can compete here with 10 teams and try to conquer a flag. In the groups, good coordination is important and a quick reaction to the changing circumstances.

The Twin Peaks

With the twin peaks, Blizzard has a second battlefield for us at the start of Cataclysm. Here you will only compete with 10 players per side, which is not too tragic due to the small size. Unlike the Battle of Gilneas, Blizzard is finally adding a second Capture the Map map to the game with the Twin Peaks.

In spite of the asymmetrical structure, no faction is advantageous here!

PvP Points instead of emblems

With Cataclysm, PvP emblems have completely disappeared from the game, replacing the so-called Honor and Conquest Points as PvP currency. Honor points are the “normal” PvP points, conquest points, on the other hand, are the “high-level” PvP points. Items that require personal evaluation will only be available in certain cases. More on this below in the PvP armor and weapon section without personal rating .

When a new PvP season begins, all capture points are automatically converted to honor points, and all equipment from the previous season will be available for honor points. In addition, the “Requires a personal rating of …” is removed from almost all items. Only a few cosmetic items will still require personal evaluation.

In addition, there are now entry-level PvP sets that are manufactured by the professions. For example, smiths can produce the plate sets, leather processors the chain and leather sets and tailors the fabric sets. These sets are also adjusted with the start of a new PvP season, so that they always provide a good basis for starting in PvP. It is not yet clear whether this will happen through new recipes or an update of the existing recipes and will probably only be clarified with the start of Season 10.

Honor Points

Honor points are easier to earn and you can earn an unlimited number of them per week. Honor points are awarded for most PvP tasks. Honor points can be exchanged for or for heroism points (PvE points) . With both exchanges (honor points for heroism points or heroism points for honor points) you will each get fewer points than you give.

Conquest points

Conquest points are more difficult to earn than honor points. The amount of Conquest Points earned each week is limited, as is the amount of Conquest Points a player can have. You get points of conquest through victories in rated battlegrounds and in the arena (similar to the current arena points). Conquest points are NOT redeemable for other points (neither Honor Points nor PvE Points).

PvP armor and weapons with no personal rating

With Cataclysm, PvP weapons can be bought and carried for the first time even without the personal arena rating that was previously required. The reason for the change is that players want to be given access to competitive weapons at a very early stage. This relief for beginners goes hand in hand with the above-mentioned fundamental changes to the old emblem system, ie the weapons that are at the current normal raid level will then be available for capture points.

For the most powerful weapons on the current heroicRaidlevel, however, is still a prerequisite for rated battlegrounds. This keeps the incentive for the best PvP players. PvP armor will no longer need to be rated at all. All armor – up to the one with the best stats – only costs capture points. This includes head and shoulder armor that previously required ratings.

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